Sunday, February 26, 2017

Don't Get Lost in Shanghai

I love watching Chinese movies, but i don't know how to speak Chinese. i also don't understand Chinese. The only Chinese i know is "xie xie". This also goes for my sister and friend. So how did we survive Shanghai? Of course by the ever reliable internet! Yeah, we're technology-dependent. hehe. 

In other words, iVideo wifi saved our lives.

Though we still could not access Google and other Google-related sites, it still had been very helpful.

I discovered that my iPhone map can work very well, and it's just like Google map. thanks to the iVideo wifi, we were able to use the map of our iPhones and found the locations very well.

Famous SNS sites, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is not really accessible also. But it's okay, at least we really get to bond and talk to each other. I learned about my friend, Joyce's Englishing skills. Hehe. And she got to hear me talk more. hahaha. But if you are already dying coz of withdrawal symptoms from SNS, you can go to big hotels (ex. Park Hyatt), their wifi is fast and you can access all your SNS.

But chat apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Kakaotalk, and also iMessage work perfectly well. Though sometimes I had difficulty using Viber and Line app (even if we were in the Line Cafe).

As mentioned, we cannot access Google-related sites with the iVideo wifi.. meaning we also cannot access Google Translate. Good thing my sister has translators powered by Naver, a Korean site. We used that translator and we were able to communicate more easily to the locals.

A downside though of the iVideo wifi is that the battery drains easily. Good thing they have 2 batteries provided. But still you need to have a powerbank ready. What we do is we would turn off the wifi coz there's no SNS sites accessible, and we just turned it on if we need the maps or need the chat apps.

But another great thing with them is that they deliver it fast. We ordered it weekend before our trip and we got it just right before our trip.

Oh well.. I have to admit.. the wifi had been a big factor for us to have an enjoyable and hassle-free trip.