Friday, February 03, 2012

Korean Food

a lot of korean restaurants are opening up in the philippines. i guess it's because there are lots of koreans who are coming here to study english, and also for filipinos being into the korean wave. i have done some posts about korean wave, so i'll not post about it anymore. i'll just post about korean food.

i like korean food. they are healthy. not that expensive (coz lots of serving), and because of the free side dish! hahaha. and it's beneficial for me to eat korean food coz it's one of the rare moments i eat vegetables

here are some of the korean food that i know. sorry, i suck in describing things


most of the time this is seen in the streets of korea at night. sweet and sour flavored rice cake. but for some, it is spicy. it's a good snack.


my favorite street food! it's a korean fish cake in a stick that is dipped in a hot broth. and the broth is also delicious! while eating odeng, you can drink the broth and it will give you a nice, warm feeling. sauce is a soysauce, but even without the sauce, it is already yummy.


spicy! but really good. those are squid. i think the gimbap is to control the spiciness.


mixed rice. yes, that's what bibimbap literally means. sorry for the picture. it's been mixed already. i was excited to eat. hahaha.


the bread is filled with red-bean paste. most popular is the goldenfish-shaped. but here in the picture is a poop-shape. hehe. it's okay but it is a great snack for a cold weather. and i don't know why but it made me want a waffle


like an omelette, but they call it a pancake. hehe. actually, i think if it's pajeon, it's more on the green onions inside. but i'm calling everythign that looks like it pajeon. hehe


it's a soup with dough flakes with wheat powder and the soup is made from shellfish. it tastes nice. sorry, i can't describe it much. hehe. but honestly i thought it was chicken soup. hehe


steamed/simmered chicken. i love this. this is good with rice. some serve it spicy, some not. it tastes good because the flavor of the chicken, the leaves and the sauce blend together.


my favorite korean dish. it is grilled pork belly. then you wrap it in leaves and eat it. i really love this. i remember me & my friends were going to eat in korean restaurant (their first time), i asked to change venue coz the first resto didn't have samgyeopsal. and my friends also liked it!


soup made of beef. i really didn't like this coz it tasted bland so you have to put pepper, soysauce, to give it a taste


first of the three pig intestine food to be discussed here. also a popular street food in korea. (for me) it somewhat tastes like a sausage at first, then later on i can really taste that it's the intestine. since i'm not a fan of intestines, i was not able to finish it


barbequed (marinated) beef. one of the most famous korean food. i like korean beef. if you want to play it safe with food, you can eat this.


yup, they have a burger for it. this is common in korean fastfood chains. it's a burger with bulgogi sauce. i like it. it's a little on the sweet taste.


grilled pork or cattle intestine. you can eat it like noodles or samgyeopsal-stlye (wrapping it in leaves). because it is mixed with other ingredients, you cannot taste the intestine that much unlike soondae, but you can still taste it being an intestine one way or another.


yummy but spicy. made of bean sprouts and beef, thus the name kongbul. i think this is more popular to the younger ones (students)


wheat-flour noodles. for me, it's like an ordinary chinese noodle soup. sorry about that. but i prefer this more than seollongtang


hardened pure sugar so imagine how sweet it is. they will just put a molder for you to see the shape but the interesting part is, you are the one who should remove it from the circle to its molded shape by the use of a pin. the above pictures are those who are trying it


grilled pork large intestines. among the three intestines that i've tried this is my favorite. coz it doesn't taste line intestine but barbecue. hehe. and you eat it samgyupsal style. i told you my favorite is samgyupsal. hehe. in the picture, the makchang are the rounded ones (ones like squid).


alcoholic drink. like a rice wine. you can't really taste the alcohol so it can betray you. what's stronger, soju or this? in terms of taste, soju. but alcohol impact, am not sure.


they serve lots of side dish. the most popular one is of course kimchi. and most of the time they give refills. so just from the side dish, you can already get full.


the korean instant noodles. spicy. but when you get used to it, it will not be that spicy anymore. honestly, after getting used to this, i found the local instant noodles to be salty


i don't know why they like golden fish. and another of their favorite is the red beans. yup this ice cream contains red bean. this is yummy. and my brother also likes this. so see, it's really delicious. hehe