Wednesday, September 07, 2005

working relations

Last Monday night, I met my former boss in P&G, Mam Sally. We had dinner at around 10:30 in the evening. Well, I came from the Singles Prayer Meeting thus the late dinner. Anyway, it was fun. We did some catching up. She's based in Singapore already and was just here for a week. Talking to her made me realize how God loves me and how blessed I am. Inspite of being connected with P&G for only 8 months, I have gained lots of friends. That even if I already work in QC, I still meet them once in a while. And it made me sad also because though for in my first work I lasted for a year and thought gained friends, there had been no communication from them anymore. As they said..sometimes we just meet some people for a reason and purpose.. and I guess our purpose for each other has been fulfilled already. Hope we will meet again someday coz am really glad I met them :)

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