Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Blog

i am sorry for not updating my blog and for posting nonsense stuff most of the time.
i always have an idea on what to write, but when i start writing, i can't think of words. i've always opened the New Post link of blogspot, but then it's just blank.

and then just now, i've realized my blog is already 6-years old. maybe that's the reason i can't leave this blog even if there are a lot of sites that i can transfer to (multiply, facebook, etc.). this blogspot site of mine has become my home here in the internet.

i am thankful for this blog. this had been my rant center for a time. this had been where i expressed my emotions, my angst, happiness, my all. it had been helpful to me emotionally. this blog has also made me earn some money which i spent for really crazy stuff that i should not be spending on. and there are my blogsy friends...

thank you for all those who continue to visit my blog. i came to know a lot of people thru this site. i've met a few, i'm still connected to some via other social networking sites. these blogsy friends who have encouraged me, put a smile on my face, for being a friend in the cyberspace. sorry if i have not visited your site for sometime. but you guys have a special place in my heart and that is no joke. honestly, i have learned a lot from you. thank you, really.

wow! six years! i never expected that my blog would last this long. and when i started it, i never thought that it would be a special site for me. i just thought it's just one of those sites that i would register in. but this site has been a meaningful site for me.

thank you everyone. and thank you blogspot :)