Saturday, July 19, 2014

SHOOT! ...Not...

my friends and i did the beer pong challenge last night. beer pong is there are glasses of beer on the table, and you have to shoot the ball in the glass. if you shoot it, the other person will drink that glass.

and of course, i didn't get to shoot any. as expected. hehe. and it brought me memories of my basketball class for college p.e.

i can say that my basketball teacher came to know my name. why? because she waited for me with two of my classmate-friends for almost 2 hours i think.

the exercise for that day is really simple (if you're good in basketball). just shoot two consecutive free throws then you can go home. that's just the activity for the day. and you guessed it.. i was not able to get in the free throws consecutively. i think 15 minutes before the class ended there were still a few of us left. so our teacher decided that we  just have to have two throws in, even if it's not consecutive as long as it's two. all of my classmates were able to finish it. so they all left. i was left alone shooting. our teacher of course was still there, and two classmates (who were my friends) stayed. i can't shoot two. after a long long long time, finally! it's in! and then we went home.

do you know the anime Free!? i think i have some similarities with rei.. he knows all the theories and technicalities, but not the application. well, our difference is at the end, he became good.
i suck at sports (except being a goalkeeper for soccer, naks!) but for basketball, i know a lot on its technicalities since i had been watching basketball since i was a kid.

this is a nonsense post but i just want to post something here in my blog again. and well, just sharing something about me :)