Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is my brother's eulogy for my papa. i entitled it Closure coz after his speech, everyone who heard it kept on telling me that finally eric had closure.

thank you to family and friends who had been with us not only during the wake but also two weeks ago when he was admitted to the hospital. you truly are blessings to us. will write a post about my dad soon.

Ric is the nickname that his loved ones used to call him.

Each and every day, they would all smile and laugh with him.

Cherished to Elizabeth Racho, his only chick,

To his kids also: TIntin and Yanyan and Eric.

Oh, they had a wonderful and fantabulous life.

Then Recto committed something that is very wrong.

Adultery was what he did and actually longed.

Betrayed! Why have you done this?” His family queried.

And he said, “It just happened.” Did he want to be freed?

Ringing and then thundering in his family’s ears

Are pain, hatred and other emotions which bring tears.

None of these, however, could really bring back our dad.

Zoned away from his family because of his bad,

Away he set off, with his family’s relatives.

Recto was a man who thought with logic and freely.

And even though he had done this to his family,

Cherished Beth, TIntin, Yanyan and Eric still love him.

How they wish, again, to kiss him and to embrace him.

Oh, because they all had a wonderful life with him.

It’s true that he is not the perfect and best father.

Sure, there are those who do not leave their children’s mother,

And those who’ll choose their family over another.

God, however, has given Ric to my family.

Regardless of all his faults, he still loved us deeply.

Even until his death, we all still took care of him.

And it’s because we love him, and not due to some whim.

This, even, can’t fully express our love for Papa.

Finally, he taught us what a true family is.

And on his bed, he gave effort to give us a kiss.

Teaching us to be independent or on our own,

He taught us to be faithful and to reap what we’ve sown.

Especially now, may Papa be with Our Father.

Recto Tabaranza Racho is a great father.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Link of the Moment: Let's Dance to this Song

i'm going to share a music video below. what makes the music video special? well, it gave me inspiration. how? the star in the mv is kev jumba (he's in amazing race now with his dad). and if you have heard him sing.. you'll be surprised that he has a mv. iyaz told him in his face that he doesn't want to sing with him coz he can't sing. trust me, he really can't. and also, see how philip wang dances in the video. another reason for me to be inspired. hahaha.

if you're not aware of it, i have the best singing voice in town. and i can dance so well, that i would win first place if i join contests. okay, in all honesty, i am honest. bwahaha. for the first time i'm going to hell. hahaha.

that's why this mv gave me hope that i can have my own mv in the future. this mv is part of the funemployed webseries that is a funny series in youtube. and also, my sister and i would somehow get a last-song syndrome when we hear this. and the lyrics of the song is really true. the most cliche pop song. hahaha.

hope you'll also enjoy the video. wait! i don't need to be a youtube star to have my own mv, right?