Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confessions of a (Non) Shopaholic

i'm not a shopaholic. actually, i hate shopping.

i just came from a workshop and we went to duty free shops. they were able to buy something, i didn't buy anything. i just roamed the store once, then sat down and just watched a movie. hahaha. then we went to a 2nd store, they all said it's okay not to go there anymore coz they won't buy anything, but they all left again the store with something. and once again, i roamed the store, sat down somewhere and continued my movie. hahaha.

when i went to singapore on my own and got a 2 hours free time for myself instead of going shopping, i went ot the national library. hahaha. oh! and i went to mustafa (almost everyone told me to go there so i can find goods that are cheap). so i went there the next day on my own and really looked for it. but when i got there, i just roamed the store and was not able to buy anything. true! it's really cheap there, but nothing captured my attention. it's like i just went there for adventure and experience.

so how do i shop clothes for myself? i bring my sister. she'll choose the clothes, ill fit it and pay. unless, something really grabs my attention.

that is why i'm really confused why my sister likes me as her shopping companion.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


... only has 28 days this year
... is the second month of the year
... has just started but will end soon
... is the love month
... and the (chinese) new year month
... is the birth month of some of my blogsy friends

okay... i just want to post something but i can't think of anything to post. hehe. well, i have an idea but am not yet done writing it, so for now just this.

happy chinese new year everyone! happy valentine's day! and happy birthday to those who are celebrating their birthdays :)