Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Kids

some of my officemates brought their kids in our office tomorrow for the children's xmas party, which includes my unit head. anyway, during the party my officemate went out and left her kids in the xmas party. then suddenly her 5-year old son left the party and was looking for his mom. he was really in the brink of crying. i had to make up a story that she was just in the restroom. smart kid coz he went to the restroom and when he discovered his mom was not there, started crying. i'm glad i followed him. he just cried and cried. i made up all the stories that i can just to make him stop crying. then my harsh officemates pretended to be angry at him for crying, one even saying that he will circumcise the kid if he'll not stop crying. well, this made him stop crying.

but this incident made me think. how would i be as a parent. i swore to myself that i'll not spank my children. i never experienced it when i was a kid and i don't want my children to experience it also. but with how i handled the kid awhilke ago, i'm scared that i may spoil my kids. i hope not. i'm amazed at how my parents raised us up. i mean we are not spoiled brats. if you want to contest me not being a brat, it's not because of my parents. it's because of someone else, am sure. hehe.

i just hope that when i have kids, i'll be able to raise them up in an environment that is Christ-centered and my children will not be spoiled brat but can still feel loved. can you give me an idea on how i can achieve this? duh! as if i'll have kids soon :)

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