Sunday, November 26, 2006


I know I am intelligent. I realized this when I was entering college. I have never been included in any top 10 of my class, as in never. But still I know I am intelligent. It’s because I have passed all my entrance exams, and some of those in the top 10 did not. This is my blog so I have all the right to boast. Hahaha. And my mom told me (and I believe her) that maybe if I just studied before, I would have been an honor student. Yup, I don’t study. I just watch tv. I just have intelligent genes. Hahaha. Anyway, last Saturday I went to Timezone. And there is this new game there, it’s a trivia game. I haven’t been to timezone for a long time, so for me it’s something new. It’s just embarrassing coz out of the 6 questions, I only got 1. and my competitors all got 3. ang dami pang nanonood! Waaah! Yabang ko kse! Hahaha. I want to play again, but I’m afraid I might got embarrassed again. But I’ll be back. I hope this weekend to regain my pride. I hope my brother would be with me. coz he’s really the intelligent one and I want to see if I can beat him. Hehe.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

spoiled daughter

i just realized something. spoiled ako kay God. hehehe. whatever i like, how much impossible it may seem be, if God wills it, He'll give it to me. just like this something that I ask from Him. giving Him conditions pa. He gave it to me. sorry can't divulge details yet. hehehe. basta ang galing lang.

so what is this post all about? nothing. i am just really happy with my realization. thank You Lord. you're really good to me even if i'm a very stubborn daughter. thanks God! :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

a nonsense update...

i'm just writing this coz my officemate keeps on bugging me.. "mag-update ka na. gusto mo lang tlga makita lagi pictures mo." bket ba? blog ko toh ha!

honestly, i have nothing to write. i don't know why. i just celebrated my birthday. wait! did i even celebrate it? just had dinner with my family. wala na ngang celebration, it had been the most tiring one pa. God didn't grant my bday wish. that my phone be fixed on my bday. even for just that day. so i used one of those old phones at home and since most of the numbers are saved on my phone's directory, only the number would appear. good thing i've written it down. so whole day, i am searching my little black book for the name. haay... and the mrt ride in the afternoon. waah! i was really tired!

now, i'm really thankful my phone is fixed again. sa sobrang tuwa, i've told my dad: "love you pa! i still love you pala." sobrang tuwa diba?

thank you to those who greeted me on my birthday. sorry for those people i've asked pa kung sino kayo. and for those who didn't greet me... be thankful i don't have any party this year or else you're not invited. hahaha

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

face(s) of tin-tin

When people look at my picture they would tell me that don’t change much. They would easily recognize who I am. I guess I still really look the same. Until now, I still look young. Or maybe since then I already look old. Here are my pictures through the years, you be the judge if my I still look the same. I won’t include my baby pictures.

I think I’m 7 years old here. And all I wanted for the Christmas are my two front teeth

My favorite picture. I don’t know why. My first holy communion. I was in grade two, and most probably it was held on October. So I guess I’m just 8 years old that time.

Another no eyes smile. Second year college. I’m 17 or 18.

Even if I have a short hair and wearing braces. Still the same.

And a picture taken just last July, so I’m 25 years old in this picture and after a month was told that I looked like I’m 30. Grrrr!!!

So what can you say? I still look the same, right? It’s just that every year, I just grow and grow. Hehehe. Yup, every year I would always hear: “You’re getting fatter.” Wait! Every year I would also hear them say: “You’re getting prettier.” hahahaha

I noticed something, my smile didn’t change also. Ever since it was already pacute :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

bday sentiments

reasons why i'm not excited for my bday:

1. i don't have any celebration
2. after 5 years, someone's out of my life
3. my phone is busted!

but then great things happened. my sister's bday gift to me is a new phone. yanyan, now i know you're not selfish. hehehe. still can't believe it. wahehehe. i received a phone call from somebody i'm not expecting anymore (please continue praying for me). and this phonecall gave me real hope again. i just hope this happy feeling would not end soon :)