Monday, September 13, 2010

Link of the Moment: Kpop Dances

when people saw me last week, i heard several comments that i'm slimming down. and all i can think of is.. "wow, digital bounce is effective." what is digital bounce? my exercise. hehe. it's a song by se7en. i dance to it, i (try to) follow the choreography. hehe. it's a cool choreo, even my brother likes it. he hates kpop, but the choreo for this song passed. hehe.

here's the vid and you'll know how great the choreo is...

dancing to kpop had been my form of exercise since late last year. i don't know why but ring ding dong had been my official dance. when they hear ring ding dong, they would remember me. and my mom's ringtone for me is even ring ding dong. hahaha. i haven't really said goodbye to this song, i still dance it (almost) everyday. but i dance to digital bounce more now. i really don't know why i chose this dance/song from all the dances/songs out there, maybe you'll know?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's Up?

i have been active in other sites, hahaha. updating my status every hour(?). anyway, just want to share some of my status for the past week so you'll know also what's up with me.

- yipee! several ppl are telling me that i have slimmed down. i guess digital bounce is effective :)

- i'm really inlove with kenshin of samurai x. hihi ;p

- if 2009 had been a year of disapointments, 2010 is a cheerful year :)

- weee! I passed the exams. Thank You Papa God. ok,let's wait for the next step

- my mom & i are having an argument right now about pnoy not talking to tsang when he called (during the hostage)

- okay. it's not horse shit but the fan. it could have exploded anytime if we haven't seen it -- i posted earlier that it smells like horse shit at home and i don't know where it's coming from

- in memory of lfo's vocalist, am now listening to i don't want to kiss you goodnight. i love this song

"i'm your sister. it's my job to terrify you." - going the distance.
this is true with my sister. that's why i love her. she is supportive but she is also honest

- i want to visit a science museum

- it annoys me when people doesn't know how to say thank you. its just basic

- though i can's make you smile, i ain't gonna make you cry. - girl rock, epik high

- i know now my purpose in life while i have no job. to wake my brother up. i've been waking him up everyday. dunno know y i wake up rly early

Thursday, September 09, 2010

All By Myself

... travelling. that's what i'd like to experience even just once.

i envy some friends who went out of town by themselves. i have plans of that kind for the longest time but it still has not happened due to different factors. and honestly i don't know how i'll do it.

yes, i've travelled to singapore all by myself but i won't consider it as being all by myself. why? i stayed with my friend (thank ljieu!) and i have lunch and dinner dates with different friends everyday (am really happy to see my friends. and thank you). trust me when i say that my singapore trip is just like a trip to makati. when asked what i did in singapore, well, it is to see my friends and visit them. literally. that's why i'm also glad that i made that trip alone. coz my schedule was already jampacked just meeting my friends. but it was fun. and meeting my friends made me travel from one end of singapore to another. thank you friends.

okay, back to the main topic. still, i want to explore a place on my own. i guess, next time i would travel alone i would not choose singapore. but that's the only place my mom would allow me to (if on my own). i think she'll approve of me visiting alone singapore than baguio or davao, etc. sigh...

Friday, September 03, 2010

Easily Influenced

last week, i bought nutella. the week before it's california maki twister. and why did i buy them? coz they're being posted by my friends in social networking sites, it got me craving for those thus buying them.

after buying the nutella, i realized how easily influenced i am with the statuses of my friends. or how i get envious easily? hahaha. i don't know why.

i remember before, some friends and i were talking about hotdogs. it really got me want to eat hotdogs, so i went out to go to ministop just to buy hotdog. the statuses also made me crave for quickly, mcdo breakfast, etc.

this just proves, i'm weak when it comes to food ;p

Living Independently

i think in other countries, people my age is living on their own. i'm sure some of them are looking for HUD apartments for rent. maybe they find it by browsing the internet.

but how do they pay it? maybe, by loan? or talking to those selling structured settlement for a better option?

honestly, i don't know. but what i do know is that if they are filipinos, most likely than not, they will be having pinoy 24 tv to ease the homesickness.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Link of the Moment: The Allergy

i don't smoke. never tried it. i have lots of friends who do. this is the only discipline that i have in my body, i won't smoke. hahaha.

when i was in college, and even after college, people thought i smoke. i guess coz of my friends, and i don't know.. i look like someone who does? anyway, i know it's hard for people to quit. i don't nag my friends to quit. but they know that i'm not into it and would prefer for them to stop.

i found this hilarious video, a campaign for the American Cancer Society. and as the video asks, what i your motivation? i guess, it's all about that. my sister quit smoking for vanity reasons, and she did it. i don't know what your motivation is, but i guess if you have one, you can achieve your goal. so for those who quit smoking, what was your motivation?