Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baler Surfing

i'm posting this for my friend. Balr is a nice place, especially for surfing. if you'll go surfing in Baler then go to La Union afterwards, you'll not consider La Union waves as surfing waves. if you would like to go surfing, you should really try it in baler. exciting. from going there to surfing itself, exciting! and his package is not expensive actually.

Baler surfing lessons and tour package
- minimum of 9 per trip/van
- if your group is less than 9, we will find other people to complete the number
- half of the payment to be deposited as downpayment; the other half upon meet up

- van transportation (Manila-Baler-manila)
- beachfront lodging (room sharing)
- 2 meals
- 2 hours surfing lessons (extra lessons also available)
- tour of Baler Church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler, pasalubong center, and a trip/short hike to Dicasalarin cove (secluded beach)

Itinerary (subject to change):
11pm meet up (McDonald's El Pueblo, Ortigas)
12mn leave for Baler

6-7am arrive at Baler (check in and breakfast)
9am surf lessons
11am lunch/rest
1pm Dicasalarin cove (almost 2km hike)
4pm back to resort/rest/beach/surf
7pm dinner/socials

8am breakfast
9am beach/surf
11am lunch/rest
12nn checkout
1230p Baler Church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler, pasalubong center
2pm leave for Manila
8-9pm arrive at Manila

Tentative date of next trip: February 28 - March 1

For more inquiries/details, kindly text Bart at 09172562040.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


when i get the chance to be home early saturday evening, i make it a point to watch talentadong pinoy (talented filipino) in channel 5. it's a filipino version of america's got talent or britain's got talent.

there's always a lot of contestants. for some you'll really be amazed. but there are some who would gross you out and you would not want your children to see coz they might imitate them. it's just great to see that there are really a lot of filipinos who are talented.

i can't join that contest coz i don't know what i'll present. how about you? if you'll join the contest, what talent will you show?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreaming of Batanes

Batanes had always been a dream destination for me. eversince highschool, there are only two Philippine places that i really really would like to visit.. Batanes and Amanpulo.

i remember when i met kuya king of RACE, first thing i asked him is when are they going to batanes. that time, it's still an idea for RACE but they're considering it already. and now, that idea is going to be a reality. they are going to batanes on March 20-23. i was really excited when i got to read it. but now, it depresses me, especially when abet gave me a list of those who are going to join. most of the angels would be there, and as of 5:45pm today only 8 slots are left.

i was thinking of a topic to post, and when i read abet's message, i literally became weak. so now, i'm writing this blog to somehow strengthen me (duh! as if there's a connection). and why did his message made me weak/depress? its because as of now it's only 5% chance for me to join them. why just 5%?

1. the cost is quite expensive. but i know RACE would accept installment to help you in your payment. hehe.
2. my future is totally unclear right now. i have some concerns that would totally affect my future
3. the dates are friday to monday. that means, 2 days of absent from work. i'm having a dilemma now for next saturday's schedule. so what more for the batanes trip which would be on a weekday pa.

call me shallow, but i really want to cry now. highschool dream.. still a far-fetched dream. shit! now, i'm really crying

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009

last year, i was really looking forward to 2009. i envision my 2009 as a good year, way better than my 2008. i was excited for 2009 to come.

2009 is already here. more than a week has passed. and right now i do not know what 2009 has in store for me. honestly, it has not really been that great for me. but i still remain positive. it's just the start of the year, God has something really great for me this year. it is still not yet just revealed to me, but maybe little by little it is already presented to me.

and i think this year being a good year is also visible in my appearance. coz when i saw some friends the other night, even if i am totally bothered and down that day, they still said i have a good aura. and that i don't look sad mad. hehe

so, cheers for 2009