Monday, October 27, 2008

It's My Birthday?!

for the first time in the history of mankind, i'm not excited for my birthday. before, i would always look forward to my birthday. my birthday is my favorite holiday. (yes, i consider it a holiday. hehe). but now, i am not excited. i really am not looking forward to november __. why? because:

1. i won't have any celebrations - to make this birthday unique from all my other birthdays, i plan not have any celebrations. i even volunteered my bday to be the day for tristan's bday celeb or the day we'll give his gift. as long as it's not about me.

2. i have lots of things in my mind right now and my bday is the least of it.

3. i'll again grow old but not grow up - when people ask me about my age, i easily answer it. i'm not shy about it. but as i think about it now, that i'll be 28 soon, it's like i'm embarrassed to say that i'm 28. it's not because i'm old. it's just that, it feels like i have not grown up. it's like i am more matured before. i am better before. it's like as i grown old, i grow down (okay, i don't know the opposite of growing up, hehe). i hope you get what i mean. it's like i have not matured. it's like i was better when i was in college than right now. hard to explain.

so there. and now it's already the last week of october. i can't believe it is november on saturday already. october just went as a blur.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting Big

a lot of people when they see me now tell me that i'm getting thinner or narrower or whatever. but honestly, it's the opposite. and it's not because i'm getting anorexic or what. promise, i'm really getting bigger. my pants are getting tight again. sad... hehe.

and what made me decide to lose weight again? i was supposed to wear this black dress in a party. but when i tried it on, it won't close!! ugh!!! that means i'm really bigger now. until now, i still can't accept that it doesn't fit me. the pic was taken three years ago. it's just three years, right?

i really need to lose weight. and i don't know how i'll do it especially if your friends influence you to pig-out (ate mei and jassy, hmph!). next month (sorry, i won't follow sam milby's movie to start right now), that would be what i'm doing. i'll exercise and have balanced diet.

but that means, i'm still big on birthday. waaah!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

classic children's books

i found this in my list of draft posts. wrote it way back July 19, 2006. got nothing to post, so i decided to post this now. but still unfinished. hahaha.

my brother is in college now. and good thing my sister teaches english, so it's now from her that i get to read good books.

i love to read. i really do. i read anything and everything. books would be a good gift for me, coz i'll really appreciate it. right now, the books that i would to read are Little Prince (again.. i'm looking for our copy), and Catcher in the Rye. how about you? what would you like to read now?

and now for my unfinished blog...

finally! i've finished of mice and men. have started it when my brother got his schoolbooks for this schoolyear and i just finished it last night. really slow reading. hehehe. it's a nice book. i've cried in the ending.

another good thing about my brother's school is that every year they have a required reading. and the book is a classic one. because of this, i've got a chance to read these books.

examples are charlie and the chocolate factory (if not for my brother, won't be able to read this before there was a movie. hehe),charlie and the glass elevator, the twelfth angel (my favorite book. read it when i was still in highschool), the lost boys, the old man and the sea.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Name Is...

was supposed to post this before, but instead posted Forgotten.

i have several names.. some call me tin-tin, kristine, rocha, pretty tin...

and i like it that way, because i know how i met them, thru the name they call me.

most of those who knew me as rocha would always be unsure on how to introduce me to other people, if they'll use rocha or tin-tin or kristine.

anyway, i am okay with having plenty of names, since i get to have an idea who is calling me.

if it's rocha, it would be from highschool or bld. that is why, i still am not used to bld people calling me tin.

kristine is for work. in my work now, only those from our office calls me tin. the consultants call me kristine.

tin-tin is for family, college and after college friends.

and pretty tin, mostly for econsoc. it started there, so i guess that's the reason why most of those who call me pretty tin are from econsoc.

well, you can call me however you like. as long as it's not bad words, okay? :)