Friday, March 25, 2016

Ebisu Garden Place

i love to watch japanese dramas and movies, so what's the best way to discover japan? go to a place seen in a drama/movie. and perfect drama for it? hana yori dango.

hana yori is my first japanese drama (as far as i can recall). it's the japanese version of taiwanese' meteor garden and korean's boys over flowers.

one of the famous location of the drama is the ebisu garden place (clock tower square). this is where domyouji waited for makino for their date for the longest time and waited for her even if started to rain.

and i'm glad i searched for hana yori dango filming sites coz i didn't see this in famous tourist spots on my research. it's a nice place. it looks an expensive place hehe, but still a nice place to visit. and there are lots of restaurants there.

yes, i have to ask my sister to pose like she's waiting but since it's modern times, she's waiting while playing with her phone. hehe.

so what can you see in ebisu garden place besides this popular tower?

this clock performs a melody and like a mini-COD christmas display performance every 12nn, 3pm & 6pm. we saw the 12nn "performance". it's just small but it's cute. and it's difficult to watch coz it's hot!

if you're into art, i think you'll like the things you can see here

you can go inside a building and in the top most floor, you will see a view of tokyo.

there's even a museum for beer there. but sorry, we didn't go there.

and the tokyo metropolitan museum of photography. i really wanted to visit this place but sadly it's closed during the time we went there for renovation.

we weren't able to explore the place that much. but if you're a hana yori fan, you truly have to visit this place.

so how to go there....

go to Ebisu Station.. find the exit for the Yebisu Skywalk. and just walk/walakalator and walk/walkalator and walk/walkalator... hehe.

then cross the street...

then you're there!