Sunday, November 30, 2008


they say that reunions happen during two occasions, weddings and funeral. i believe this is true. even with the limited guests in weddings due to budget, this is still a venue to see old friends. and this had been proven for my highschool barkada. every year, we try to get together and yet, we never get to be complete or even close to completion. good thing there are three weddings this year, and i got a chance to see those i've last seen during college (like ton and gian). hopefully in december for richie's wedding, those who are in another country could also attend.

though it had been years already, and we've lived our own lives, i've noticed that we have not changed. we're still the same people as before. of course, change is inevitable but still as a whole the same old person is the same only better.

i've met the girls second year highschool, we had been classmates. and the guys, we've met in bld youth. it is during the times that there are just few members who are from north. since we are included in the few, we would go home together from prayer meetings until we all became friends.

since it's only again now that we've seen each other, we can't help but reminisce. it is funny to remember them crying because of heartaches from each other. funny, walang nagkatuluyan sa kanila. but as jay said, it is better that way since we get to attend more weddings and see each other more. hehe. highschool...

*pic from batts

Music Beat

i love music, though music hates me, i still love it. a long-time wish is to have a duet with this good singer, and we'll sing Better Days. but of course, my family and friends don't want to jeopardize my well-being that is why until now they have not granted it. of course, everyone's dream is to have a recording or an album of their own. and i also would like that. but that would really be impossible. that would be a joke.

but if ever i had been a good musician, that would not be a joke. i would like to have been given an opportunity. and there is this site that makes it a reality. their love for the music led them to establish have their own production. for the Beats they make, they share it to others. but of course, it comes with a fee. if you're into music and you hiphop, this site is for you. honestly, though it comes with a fee, it is okay. why? because they get a chance to help others also, especially aspiring musicians.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


i've been using blogspot or for four years already. and after 230 posts, have i gained anything from it? actually, i do. i never expected that until now i'd still blog. i started to blog coz i don't have anything to do and i was so confused, but then now i'm blogging almost every week. what started as an online journal of some sort turned out to be a little money-earning thing, an informational tool, a realization venue and most importantly a way to meet a lot of wonderful people.

yes, i've met a lot of wonderful people through blogging. some i've talked to only online, and some i've met in real life. and they're really great.

i would just like to say thank you to my blogsy friends who had been with me all these years. i hope i would meet in person more blogsy friends and for those i've already met, i hope to see you guys again.

this post, is just to say thank you to all of you. thank you! thank you! thank you! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ouchy Back

i'm still suffering from back pains and this week had been the worst. can't have bentosa coz i'm going to attend a wedding on saturday. so i'll just have it hopefully this sunday. i don't know what's causing it. most probably bad posture. i admit i have a bad posture. there are also some who had been saying osteoporosis. i know i just turned 28 the other week, but hello?!?! isn't 28 still young?

but one thing they can't tell me is i lack calcium. if one day a doctor would diagnose me of lack of calcium, i'll really laugh or get mad. if there's one kind of vitamin that my body is full of, it would be calcium. unless, what they say about milk being a source of calcium is false. i love milk. everyday, i drink milk. i don't eat breakfast but i have to drink milk in the morning. that's my breakfast. it can substitute water for me. i guess, my skin is like this also because of milk. so it would really be funny if i'll have low calcium. i may get emphysema or lung cancer even if i never smoke, because of second-hand smoking. but lack of calcium, that then would be funny.

actually, this is a nonsense post. i just have to update my blog and my back is still really ouch-ouch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


the other week, i had a very bad backache for two consecutive afternoons. it was really painful, i can't work well. coz of the pain, i was deciding if i'll have a bentosa. i'm not a massage person. i hate massages. it makes me have more body aches afterwards, that is why bentosa if perfect for me.

what is bentosa/ventosa?

bentosa is using a cup/glass to suck the "lamig" from your back. lamig is a tagalog term for the one that they say causes the back pains. im not sure if it's really cold in english.

it's just easy to use. an officemate even did it to me for free. you just need a glass/cup, gas, cloth, coin and rubber band. wrap the coin with the cloth and tie it with the rubber band. place on your back/pressure points and cover it with the glass. light the inside of the glass with the gas and fire. okay.. i dont know how youll light it coz i haven't seen how it was done since i was facing backwards. and i don't think kim still has a copy of the pictures and video of my bentosa adventure.

then the your back will like rise. hehe. waah! i need pictures. i'll have a bentosa again just to have pictures. the more lamig you have in your back, the higher or redder it will become. it's not a good sight actually. i remember my dad panicking after seeing my marks.

why do i like bentosa? because it is effective. i won't have backache afterwards. and i don't feel any pain during the process.

i've heard bentosa from the news before when gwyneth paltrow wore a backless dress with her bentosa marks. it caused some commotion in the entertainment industry.

have i explained bentosa clearly? i don't know. a lot had been visiting my site when they search for bentosa. so now, i'm writing on what bentosa is.

in the philippines, the spa that i know that offers this is the sanctuario spa. but bentosa is a popular thing in the province that ordinary people can just do it.

paging ate france, can you do a bentosa on me again? hehehe ;p