Thursday, November 15, 2007


i have never been to a casino. and honestly, i would like to visit one one of these days. and i remember when i was a kid, i had a toy. a roulette that is used in the casinos. but honestly, i never really learned how to play it and i do not know who gave that to me.

i think the closest one that i have been with casinos is a casino party held by my orgmates in their mansion.

i guess another place i can visit casinos are thru casino websites. eversince internet started, i think it was the online casinos that is the oldest game in the web. and to help you in choosing the casino sites, Top USA Online Casino was made. you can read the reviews to help you decide. not only are there different online casino sites but also poker rooms and other casino game sites.

oh well... all i want to experience is the slot machine. hehehe

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Richard said...

I’ve been to a casino, once. We went for Sofia's birthday a few years ago.

What was it like? Boring. Lots of wealth, very classy, but the actual playing of games is pretty dull (and you tend to lose your money). Sofia enjoyed it more than I did. I suppose the good thing is you get to dress up.

I also took her to the fanciest restaurant there - which I really enjoyed. She was not so crazy about the food. We started off with the best steak tartar I've ever had (I thought my mom's was good, but this was just awesome). Sofia isn't into raw meat. Then she was kind of put off with her sliced duck breasts covered in a thin bright red sauce (too much like blood, she said).