Thursday, September 27, 2007


i love to sleep. it is something that i do not have any difficulty doing. i can sleep anywhere and even if it's noisy and with lights on. even while sitting. i think if i would like to, i can sleep standing up. just like my dad. but of course what makes me sleep more comfortably is having a nice bed. of course the bed should have a very comfortable bedding. a big bed with lots of pillows that would want me to just stay in bed. i have always loved pillows. ever since i was a kid, my bed should have lots of pillows. even if the pillows would occupy 95% of the bed, it would be okay with me.

also for me, a bed with lots of pillow would make a bedroom enchanting. yes, i am really using the word enchanting for it. hehehe. well, it really is enchanting when you see a bed. coz when you lie down and get to sleep, you go to far away places, beautiful and not, through your dreams. dreams that you imagine and dreams from your unconscious mind.

lately, i am having weird dreams. not really that weird but i can remember my dreams and my dreams are related to whatever is happening in my life. i think my dreams now are saying how truly i feel even if i try to hide it.


TK said...

payperpost is sleeping on the job.

Your blog has a niche market, Filipinos. Most are Local. So payperpost should not assign products available to UK market.

anyway, is it really possible to sleep while standing up?

bw said...

Just like you .. I love comfy beds although I find myself falling asleep in the living room couch watching TV these days :)

Sleeping while standing... I think of horses :)

kyels said...

I love to sleep too!

TK said...