Tuesday, December 11, 2007


In Boston Legal, Allan Shore usually makes bets with Brad Chase on about winning the cases. And I am sure, you have done some betting too, with sports or in just your ordinary routine or on nonsense things like colors that would be chosen. But most of the time, bets are done in the sporting arena, especially when your favorite team is involved or it is the championship game. I remember my colleagues always betting with each other during the NBA season. But for bigger money, there are sports contest picks, where you can bet for your favorite team. Joining sports contest picks is not only to gain money but also by gaining friends coz by joining it is also expanding your network. I remember watching in CSI how some people got to meet is thru these sports contest picks. And in this place, you would be sure that you have the same likes or it could make the picks more exciting for you.

So, what do you pick?

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