Friday, October 05, 2007

Money Talks Again

I have been writing about money a couple of times already. I even mentioned in a post that sometimes money is what makes the world go round. Somehow this is true especially when you are in dire need of cash. Like for example tuition fee of your child, house mortgage, car loan and what most of us can relate to… credit card payment.

I admit, I am really cranky and really in a depressive mode when I do not have any money. It is worse than me having my PMS. Hehehe. Humility aside, and as my ex told me.. I am not used to having no money. And I do not want to get used to it. Hahahaha.

And most of the time there are emergencies that we need extra cash (like when we see a nice blouse in the mall, just kidding. Hehehe). But seriously, there are times when we do need extra cash and need to make cash advance. And sometimes the disadvantage with the credit cards is that the due date is right before payday and you receive the bill days after payday. So now when you do not have any money to pay for the card. It would be nice to have a payday loans, wherein you can pay every payday. This I believe happens only when you borrow money from a friend. Hehehe.

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Toe said...

Hahaha.... you're funny Tin-Tin. A nice blouse is indeed an "emergency." :)