Saturday, August 11, 2007

A 5th Grader's Dream

it's always said that when a door closes, a window is opened. i didn't very much feel that quote until recently when an email was sent somehow like that. it's about thanking God for closed doors just as much as you're thankful for open doors.

last year, i thought i was going to transfer to a new company, a (slightly) dream company.. but i don't know what happened. it didn't push thru. i really questioned God. but after reading the email, i've realized something. if not for that, i wouldn't make a step in fulfilling my ultimate dream. and so now i've made a step. i applied for my dream to come true. and now i'm asking for your prayers. hahaha. coz for me i only have ten percent of passing. but i'm really hanging on that ten percent. so guys please pray for me. thank you :)


last night, while i was channel surfing, i came across a quiz show in QTV. the title is Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? it's like who wants to be a millionaire but the people who can help you are 5th graders. the questions ranged from 1st grade to 5th grade subjects. yup, they are. and of course since they are elementary topics, and i've graduated a long time ago.. i flunked. hahaha.

sample of the questions i was not able to answer:
What sphere is the lowest layer of the earth? --> well, i remember before that i had a hard time memorizing all these spheres.. mesoshpere, troposhphere, etc.
How many feet in a mile?
How many moons does mars have?
How many of the interior angles in a scalene triangle have the same number of degrees? --> okay.. this is a 3rd grade question. i can't remember that in our 3rd grade math.

haaay... if i'm not even smarter than a 5th grader.. how can i fulfill my dreams? see! i badly need your prayers. hahahaa :)


iskoo said...

naku parang ang baba na ata ng IQ ko, mas matalino pa ata ang mga 5th grader sa akin, hehe

Alternati said...

I can answer the scalene triangle question (zero?) and I think Mars has 2 moons. pero... feet in a mile? saglit... hmmm... hehehe

I do hope you get what you're applying for. :D

thinz said...

goodluck! naku, i watch that here too, kakatuwa sila, di rin ako nakakasagot minsan. hahahahha

don't worry,i'll include you in my prayers :)

kyels said...

Well, it's understandable. You've graduated from 5th Grade long ago pero, if you read it up again, I am sure you can answer those questions.


Wil said...

I also experienced the same thing where one door closes, but another door opens. It's funny how life works sometimes.

Naku! Hindi siguro rin ako smarter than a 5th grader. hehe. Kaya pala nagiging stressed ang mga elementary students ngayon. ;) Anyway, is it really important to know how many moons Mars has? hehe

Toe said...

Parang babagsak din ako jan... di ko alam mga sagot. :) But good luck on your dream. I just prayed a Hail Mary for you.

tin-tin said...

iskoo: hahaha. at least may kasama na ako. hahaha ;p

alternati: wow! you're so good. i answered the triangle question correctly also. and thanks alternati :)

thinz: thanks so much thinz! mas matalino sa atin mga bata minsan noh? hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

kyels: after the exams kse, i forget about it na. hahaha ;p

wil: siguro it's important, coz they might want to be an astronomer someday. hehehe. and about life, maybe that is to teach us not to focus so much on the door. hehehe ;p

toe: thank you! thank you so much ate :)

Ferdz said...

ooh! I hope you get what you are dreaming for.

Nakupo, ako nakalimutan ko na mga sagot dyan sa tanong na yan. Dati aam ko kabisado ngayon wala na. hehe

Anonymous said...

No worries Tin. Just say you're having memory problems :) It's been a while since we were in Grade 5 - and I'm talking about me I guess hehe :) Besides , with a Blackberry with internet access on your hip nowadays, the answers are just a minute or two away :)

They say we only use 10% of what we learned in school at work, and 90% we learn them at work. This definitely makes me feel a lot better :)

Sidney said...

No way I can answer those questions! Poor 5th graders!
I have no doubts that your wish will come true!

Anonymous said...

Isang rakenrol goodluck sa tatahakin mong landas sa'yong career.

Wala naman halong yabang o hangin, pero isa ako sa mga top achievers nu'ng elementary. Pa'no kasi, may mini-library na kasi kami nu'n, kaya nagkakaroon ako ng mga pagkakataong makapag-read ahead the topics. Adik pa naman ako sa mga trivia nu'n. First man in space. Who formulated the four blood types. Uri ng mga alipin. Pagbabaybay. Oink-oink.

Tapos nu'ng binasa ko 'yung mga examples na binigay mo, wahahaha kakaunti na lang 'yung mga nasagutan ko. Nalimutan ko na. LOLz. Strikingly startling, kumbaga. Siguro nga, may mga pagkakataong mas matalino pa sa 'tin ang mga kabataan. :D

lazarus said...

Nanuod din ako last week. I got the scalene question, pero di yung US presidents' first names.

God bless sa dream mo Tin-tin. Kaya mo yan!

Anonymous said...

My God. Nag nonosebleed na ako pagdating sa mga questions na troposphere,mesosphere chuvaness.. nakalimutan ko na yun. I'll google them. =)

hang on to the 10%. =)

ann said...

Goodluck! Sana matanggap ka dyan sa dream job mo. Tanungin ko muna yung anak ko na grade 5 baka alam yang tanong mo...hehehe.

Greenearth said...

I often find when life doesn't go in the direction I am hoping if I slow down and let life just happen a better direction will open up.

I am sure you will end up with just the job you want.

Richard said...

Since I like science, I knew the last two right away. I have a rough idea of the second, but, sadly, I have no idea of the first (I only know the top layer).

Opportunities are always coming and going. We just have to watch for them and take advantage of them when they come. I think it is when we pin all our hopes on one opportunity that we can become disappointed. I think everyone needs to be taught how to take advantage of opportunities (especially me! I am a lousy opportunity taker).

I will pray you are successful.

Rey said...

You can't compare today's 5th grader with what we are before... Each year education becomes more advanced and so are the curriculum for graders. They even have algebra nowadays.

Smart ka pa rin. Don't worry.

Abaniko said...

I think I won't be able to answer all questions correctly. So an average fifth grader is better than me? Yay!

RennyBA said...

Well, you forgot blogspehere!

btw: how could you question my cooking ability? LoL

bananas said...

there's always something great for all of us where. And sometime, if not in the soonest of days.

CM said...

5240 ata feet in a mile? naku naman. hahaha! nakalimutan ko na.

ok, we'll pray for you! :)

Tani said...

I've probably forgotten most of the things I learned in school when I was fifth grade. Teka, ako Math club president nun.... I was probably a smart 5th grader... nerd...