Tuesday, December 11, 2007


German for "happiness at the misfortune of others!" - Avenue Q

actually, my post is all about what not to do in wakeboarding. you know how much i fell inlove with wakeboarding and since i'm always promoting the sport now, i want to share something with you. wakeboarding is water skiing it's not water flying, so just to help you, this short video shows you which not to do in wakeboarding.


disclaimer: the star in the video is not who you think he is. just looks exactly like him, and the video is similar to the video he shows from his cellphone. i can't mention the name coz i said i won't. hehe.

i just hope the star himself would allow us to send his video to Bitoy's Funniest so we'll win and have money for our next wakeboarding trip. hehehehe. i also hope he won't get mad coz i posted his video on my blog. hehe.

and what's with the title of my post? it's because we're going to watch Avenue Q on Sunday. hehehe. and i heard the song, Schadenfreude, from the one in the video. also, since we're his real friends when he was not able to fly anymore, we cheered for him for two seconds then you will see disappointmenton our faces . bwahahaha! :)


Rey said...

Who's the bloke in the video?

I've been into wakeboarding lately at the East Coast cable wakeboarding lake. Maybe I should post a video too. :)

TK said...

hey Tin!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

seryoso na talaga ang wakeboarding na to ha!


Toe said...

Mwahahahahahahahahaha! I'm falling off my chair laughing at this! :)

rHo said...

ayyyy..... not available daw! di bale, balikan ko na lang next time baka mag-work!

musta ka na?! i hope lagi kang okay! merry christmas sa'yo... God bless!

kyels said...

Wakeboarding; I have yet to try it! Hehe.

Alternati said...

Hahaha... Soo mean. :D

I hope it was longer though.. hehehe... I mean, not the distance he travelled but the video. :P

Baka naman madulas lang ung bar.

It's a good thing his face isn't shown kundi patay ka. hehehe

Abaniko said...

Enjoy the show. It's one of my favorite musicals of all time.

Fence said...

hi tin, kinda like this word. this was the themes in one of Boston Legal's episodes. :D

ghee said...

I wonder how would it feel,wake boarding.

hindi kasi ako marunong lumangoy kaya takot ako sa sea. :)

happy weekend!


Chase said...

I havent tried wakeboarding but it seems quite interesting.

bw said...

What happened.. looks like he was caught unprepared by the tug :) Buti na lang paharap ang hila' hehehe :)

tutubi sa tabi-tabi said...

hi Tin, i posted my own wakeboarding at Lago de Oro Batangas adventure. wakeboarding is really fun. hope i can go back there and perhaps try it at CWC

octavarium said...

its my first time to post a comment... just wanna ask, is wakebarding really that expensive?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tintin,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May you all enjoy the best of the holiday season. God bless and have a wonderful and pleasant day always.