Sunday, September 02, 2007

Money Talks

I’m so happy yesterday! I finally found a dvd copy of Moulin Rouge. And it’s an original copy! So before sleeping, I watched it. Actually, I just watched those with the singing parts. That is how much I love to sing.

Anyway, there was this singing dialogue between Satine and Christian where he says that all we need is love, and yet Satine would answer back that it is money. So, what do we really need? Since I do not have a lovelife, I think it is money for me now. Hahahaha. Finding money is easier than finding a boyfriend. So I am really going with money now. Hehehe.

So since I need to make money, I signed up to payperpost. Yup. I’m really grabbing almost every blog money-making thing. That’s how hard life is. Actually, carey introduced me to this for the longest time already, but it is only now that I’m really into this. Hehehe. Coz before, I do not want to infect my blog with money making matters, but now times call for it. And also, I got inspired with how carey does it. It is not obvious that she is writing an ad. Carey, you’re really my idol with this stuff. And you’ll forever be associated with it already. Hahaha. So now I am starting to hear money talks. Is this bad?


kyels said...

I love Moulin Rouge too! Especially the singing part. They're wonderful, di ba?

Toe said...

Oh, good luck Tin-Tin! I hope nga that you earn a lot from payperpost!

Richard said...

I will be interested in knowing if you actually make any money. I think the amount of traffic needed to make a comfortable earning is very, very high.

carey said...

finally...welcome to PPP! :)
sayang naman kasi if you won't monetize your blog diba, why not blog about the things you love and be paid for it as well...unless u really don't need the extra income. anyway, your readers would keep on visiting you, they just get to read more stuff. it's how you put down your thoughts into the ads. treat mo ako sa first payout mo ha? LOL.

Paris said...

Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favorite movie XD

I only have their OST album. Come what may~