Sunday, October 14, 2007

Covered Travel

i love to travel. maybe it is because eversince i was a kid my family and i would always go to places. baguio every summer and would go home to our province every vacation time. and our province is in bohol so we would really travel. or just roadtrip to the nearby laguna or wherever. and after i resigned from my former job all i did was travel. i went exploring the visayas and mindano region. first time to go to mindanao. hehe.

but of course, in anything that we do there is a risk. just by stretching our arms. you could pull a nerve accidentally. hehehe. and when you travel, there is really a big risk especially if the place you are going to is a new place for you. that is why we need a travel insurance. so that we would not worry much when we explore places. but most insurance have an age limit, but good thing there is an travel insurance over 65. because it is not only us youngsters who loves to explore. and i think traveling could somehow help them have a healthy life, but just a little careful in what they eat and do. hehehe.


Toe said...

My parents are above 70 and whenever they travel, they always get insurance. Kaya lang mahirap dito sa Cambodia... kc kahit may insurance, walang ospital. :(

Richard said...

Curious, this sounds like a pay per post entry.

Lizeth Rafael said...

travel is on top of my 'i love' list :) from bohol ka? grrr...i havent been to bohol...pero for sure i will be going there soon.