Thursday, November 22, 2007

Papa God

my econsoc friends now sees me as someone who always talk to Papa God. in everything i do, i talk to Him. even when i'm gambling. hahahaha. i know it's bad.. but i just can't control it. example, when i win.. "thank You Papa God" and when i lose, i'll curse then say.. "sorry Papa God." nonsense, right? hehehe.

it's just that it's true that i always talk to Him. whatever is happening to me and even if i have small requests. and Papa God really hears me. and just like the other day, as i texted the AmpClub, i felt that Papa God really loves me. i know this is something shallow, but i was just really thankful. this is what happened that day...

when i was still at home, it was raining really hard. and i hate going out when it's raining. i said "Papa God, please don't let it rain when i leave." then 15 mins before i'll leave, i said "Papa God, i'll be leaving soon. let the rain stop." and you know what? it stopped! as in! galing!

then i was having a hard time looking for a cab. so i said again "Papa God, i hope there'll be a taxi." less than a minute, a cab appeared. yippee!

actually, i was already running late.. so i again prayed.. "Papa God, please don't let me be late. please..." and you know what? i wasn't late. i even arrived 30mins ahead of my schedule. i was really amazed with that.

a friend asked if i talked to God in a silent way or in a loud voice. actually, it depends. when i'm alone, or i just feel like it.. i talk in a loud voice. but if i'm alone, i talk to Him in my heart.

i know what i prayed for are shallow stuffs, but for me it means a lot. coz for me it means i totally depend on Him not only when i am in a life and death situation.

i would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to jay and dino (even if they don't read my blog. hehe) coz even if they did me a big favor, they still invited me for coffee their treat. hahahaha. but thank you guys talaga! :)


TK said...

Tin, you really have a very sweet Heart and a luminous Spirit... Reading this entry actually made me want to go to Mass this sunday after months (or is it years) of absence.

God Bless You!

Mula sa aming lahat.

Richard said...

What is shallow about having an informal relationship with God? I think it is the best kind. I am not very fond of the stuffy formal relationships people seem to think we should have.

Do you think you should only be praying for a cure for cancer or world peace? I think that is like having a friend you only invite to big, special occasions (wedding, funeral, etc) instead of for a coffee or a walk or just a talk. I think the everyday friend will be a lot closer and a lot more helpful than the big, special events friend.

leizlmarie said...

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kyels said...

Faith goes a long way; that's what I feel.

ghee said...

yes,prayer means a lot,no matter how we do it :)

Enjoy your Sunday,Tin!


Lizeth said...

ohhh..papa god loves it whenever you talk to him.

i dont gamble kaya i dont ask for his help for that. Lols

pero i sorta do talk to him like you do...thank him for little things..ask help and guidance. :)

god bless! :)

bw said...

Good for you Tin ! Meron kang guardian angel for all you know. Hope you find comfort with your prayers at all times :)

chase said...

That is so sweet and it is nice that you have this kind of relationship with God

Anonymous said...

Pwedeng-pwede na sa [put name here] Almighty.

Harinawa'y sa mga pagkakataong 'yan e mas umigting ang iyong pananalig sa Maykapal. Sadyang pinagpala ang may paniniwala sa Kanya.

tani said...

about yun typhoon Mina, di naman nagkamali ang PAGASA. madami lang nagdasal na sana wag matuloy ang bagyo. :)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

there are no shallow stuff when we pray for something...

bless you tin for setting a good example to everyone...

Anonymous said...

its nice that papa god does all this stuff for you but what do you do for papa god or is papa god just your servant? Sounds like a one way street of huge coincidence. No other god i know of does things unconditionally especially stop rain. I believe you flatter yourself too much and probably are decieved by an evil spirit.

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