Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

i love november because it's my birth month. but as november approaches, i'm always pressured and slightly on a depressive mode since i don't know what will happen on my bday. will it be special? i want my bday to be special always (even not on the day itself) coz as what one of the greeters told me, it's the first miracle that God performed for me. my birth. and with my case, it was really a miracle. hehe.

for this year, i just celebrated it as how i celebrated it last year. the only difference is dinner with family is just at home. but i love my bday this year. coz it was full of surprises.

first surprise.. the expected people did not greet me. especially this one person. kalimutan na! hahaha

2nd... unexpected people greeting me. fewer people greeted me this year, but there are a lot of those that i didn't expect. especially from bld. coz before my bld greeters are only maan, therine, johnd and the cosio siblings. and se34. that's why i was surprised when a lot of bld friends greeted me. then i discovered it was shown in multiply that i'm celebrating my bday. pasaway talaga multiply.

3rd... si Meyms pasaway din. she announced in the text world that it's my bday. hehehe. but it's okay coz i love the digiscrap that she made. and she posted it even if i was with her future bf. hehehe. thanks meyms! and thanks to my multiply friends.

yup, a picture with pareng jomar. hehe

4th... the gifts! dami. hehehe. aliw! i didn't think that people still give gifts even if there's no party. hehehe. when i got back to work the next day, i received a bouquet of flowers. and it was from my SE34 classmates: iris, mye, chel & tuz. super katouch! and when it was delivered to me, the teasing was "Tin, how much did you spend for the flowers?" hehehe. then a week after, i received a cake from iloilo friends. the cake was bought here in manila but the sender was from iloilo. saya! hehehe.
the bouquet from my SE34 classmates

5th... i got greetings from blogsy friends, like Richard. i was really surprised to receive a bday email from him. thanks for the virtual cake. and exactly a week after my bday, i received the package from Carey! i now have a Bacolod shirt! yippee!!! i love it! thanks carey!
shirt from carey. sorry for the picture.

6th... whenever i feel down, there's one question i always ask God. and on my birthday.. God surprised me with an assurance through a friend.

most of the gifts i received are food. and take note.. they are the kind of food that would really ruin your diet. and since, they are gifts, i have an excuse for not being a diet. hehehe.

for everyone who greeted me on my bday, thank you! for those who forgot.. hmph! i'll just wait for your gifts. hahaha. just kidding!

but to everyone, thank you so much for making my 26th year in this world fun and exciting. even if i have not met some of you personally, still I want to thank you. coz without you knowing it, you still made my life special. thanks :)


Richard said...

I am glad it was a good day for you. Being remembered is always a special feeling and you are right, your birthday is the first miracle God performed for you.

c o n s u e l a said...

Happy, happy birthday my dear. It's nice to know that the day brought you much joy and love. May you always be blessed!


Abaniko said...

Hapi bday! So where's the treat? :)

kyels said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you ate!


May you be flourished with ever lasting happiness and success!

tin-tin said...

richard: you're right.. being remembered is a special feeling. thank you again :)

consuela: thank you dear! so, did i beat you already with the rock, scissors and paper? hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

abaniko: tapos na. di ka pumunta. hehehehe ;p

thank you kyels! :)

Sidney said...

I guess I am one of the people who forgot. Shame on me!
Anyway, a happy happy (belated) birthday.

Personally I hate birthdays. I am always depressed on my birthday... one year closer to my graveyard... ;-)
So I try to forget and I hope other people forget my birthday too.

bw said...

Happy Bday 2x Bday Tin ! Great for you to be receiving lots of gifts on your bday :) Enjoy and may you be blessed with many more !

TK said...

Mula sa aming lahat, Happy Birthday Hija!

tin-tin said...

sidney: it's okay if you forgot my bday. and don't think of your bday as being near to your graveyard. just think of it as another year passed that you have helped a lot :)

thank you bw :)

thank you tito tk :)

tani said...

Happy birthday, Tin-tin! halos magkasunod pala birthday natin at scorpio ka din pala. :) May your blessings increase with the years. And my special wish for you, a happy, romantic lovelife. hehehe ;)

Wil said...

belated happy birthday, tin! sounds like masaya talaga.

i also got unexpected greetings on my last birthday. :D

bijou-wel said...

WHAT!?!?! MAGKA-AGE TAYO? And I'm months older?!?! HAHAHA! All this time I thought you were older haha!

jo said...


I have read your blog and your previous entries, and I noticed that you've been traveling around the country.

Hope you can share your travel experiences here:

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chase said...

Happy bday to you my dearest!!! It is nice that you have a wonderful day!

ann said...

Happy birthday tin! Parang kelan lang yung mga birthday wishes mo dito last year, isang taon na agad.

ghee said...

Happy happy Bday,Tin!wow!super saya ng Bday celebrant,ang daming gifts!!

sana laging Nov ano? :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday Tin-tin. May God shower you with His abundance of blessings and grace in His great storehouse of blessings. Just passing by to greet you on your most special day. Have a wonderful and peaceful day.

iskoo said...

happy happy birthday, huli man daw ay maihahabol din. sge na pagbigyan mo na ako, cge advance happy birthday nalang for 2008, hehehe

Ferdz said...

Hey Tin! Happy birthday! Kung minsan yung mga greetings na hindi mo talaga inaasahan mas nakakatuwa. Glad to hear you got some gifts din.

Wishing you more blessed years to come

jase said...

Belated Happy Bday to you my dearest! May this year brings you more happiness! Mwahhhhhh!!!

carey said...

belated happy birthday Tin-tin!

glad you liked the shirt. hope it fits you well. now i know kelan bday mo. ;)

Lizeth said...

belated happy birthday, tin!

im glad that you had a great one. i love birthdays too... :)

btw, i tagged you in my blog because i want to know you more. :) i hope it's okay :)


dodong flores said...

Hi, Tin-tin!
Belated Happy Birthday! May you have many more birthdays to come...

tutubi living in philippines said...

yay! belated hapi bday

RennyBA said...

From all of me to all of you (in Norwegian):
Gratulerer med da'n
Gratulerer med da'n
Gratulerer Kjære Susie!!!
Gratulerer med da'n

Sorry I'm so late, but you know I've been busy traveling and hope you understand.

Btw: I haven't forgotten that you don't want Trolls, and I'm trying to find something less frighten for you :-)

lazarus said...

Ooops I missed this one. Halos magkasabay pala birthday natin. Belated happy birthday, tin! Merry christmas din sa yo!

Toe said...

Hey tintin, I totally missed your birthday. I hope this is not too late but Happy Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that it was very special. :)