Sunday, December 02, 2007


everybody loves music. i love music. i think every event of my life i have a theme song. and however i may feel, i would like to sing. when i am happy, i would sing, when i am sad, i would sing to ease the pain. in a movie, you would enjoy it more and you would feel the scene more because of the background music. everywhere there is music, from the singers, to the pianos, and to the birds and the horns of the car.

and companies know this, that is why they made the walkmans, cd players, ipods, and the mp3 player. ipods are the famous ones nowadays, but for a cheaper one just to fulfill your needs to listen to music, mp3 player would be fine. i remember, even in mark10, our grand prize for our Bible challenge to the kids was an mp3 player. and good thing about an mp3 player, there are lots of designs/styles to choose from. and prices are reasonable too.

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