Friday, September 28, 2007


the month of september had not been the greatest month for me. it's like i'm always down and worrying about a lot of things. i really made the wakeboarding plans pushed thru coz i needed it. i needed to relax. as i told my wakeboard buddies, i know that wakeboarding would really give me bodyaches and i needed that to drown all my spiritual, emotional and whatever pain i'm feeling. the week after the wakeboarding trip had really been painful. especiall with my bodyaches. every move i make is OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! and when my body is already healing, i got a spiritual/emotional blow. yup, even spiritual.. since i got really depressed, i was questioning God. and really felt that i'm a bad person and didn't deserve blessings.

funny coz a week before even if i'm feeling down the pits, i still felt blessed. even if there are problems, i know i am still blessed. then saturday came. and after the realizations, i really felt peace. promise! this week, whatever came my way, i felt calm. some people thought i was depressed coz of my text messages from the book of pareng Paulo but honestly, what the book said was what i was feeling last week (specifically friday). and i just wanted to share it even if it's delayed. hehehe.

and this week, i've realized that for a really proud person as i am, God is still blessing me. He is humbling me. yes, i am a very proud person. that is one of my favorite sin to commit.. pride. maybe because i love to eat pride chicken when i was a kid. yuck! corny! hehehe.

okay, back to my post. well, i'll just repeat and emphasize that i am a proud person. so when i have problems or i feel down or i need help, i don't try to show it. i always show that i'm strong. but God still gave me people who i don't know if they saw past my pride but they sure have been used by God to help me. but as i said before, God's message for me is to wait. i thought before that God sent me these people because He's granting me something already. but no! i think this is His way of giving me an opportunity to be patient. labo ba? honestly, malabo. hahaha. but i know that after these opportunities would be something far better for me. His perfect plan for me.

these are the people i want to thank. they have helped me in one aspect of my life. and i won't mention what. i'm proud, remember? hehehe.

Thanks to:
Jopay - for the instant text, ym and email messages. for always remembering me
Emcee - you're right. i am not asking anyone for help. and yet you still lent a helping hand. thanks for believing in me
Dino - i'm really glad we had that phone conversation when you asked that the out of town schedule be moved
Gani - namiss kita bigla ha. magsideline ka nga. kme clients mo.
Pie - kahit na tuliro utak mo that time, you still remembered me. and remembered to mention it to me.
Kate - this thank you should have been said a long time ago pa. hehehe
Maca - you always remember me
Son - thanks for always informing me and sending me emails
Ate Dada - i'm really thankful nakakasabay and nakakasalubong kita sa mrt. hehehehe
Tina Guzman - seeing you in the wedding shower slightly changed my life. naks! hahaha
Jay - actually, you're a blessing for other people, for my friends. but through me coz for my friends. but still even if it's for other people, not me.. you still are a blessing,
Mam Irene - the text message and phonecall that changed my life. with this list, most unexpected kayo. thank you so much for believing in me. though i left you and gay hanging before, you still had been nice to me. thank you!

i'm sure some of those in my list do not know what i'm thankful for. but for those who realize what it is for.. quiet na lang kayo. hehehe. thank you! :)


CM said...

so you've been really blessed for having these people around you. :) Keep the faith pretty tin. :)

emcee said...

naks tin! i never thought that simple effort would be really appreciated. pero if there's anything i'm really thankful this month, it is you. thanks so much tin! i owe my sweet september memories to you! you deserve to be blessed! :)

kyels said...

Have faith always!


It's good to have amazing friends beside us through thick and thin. If we have friends as such we are really blessed, in my opinion. Sometimes, we try to conceal our problems to show people that we are strong but don't forget we are humans too and we need to let it out once in a while.

Anyway, God bless po!

Octavian said...

Glad it's been a good month for you. Not too bad here myself. Take care!

Duke said...

heya! nice to know september was a good month for you. I hope October will be better :)

btw, I tagged you on my latest post. I hope you don't mind.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

glad to hear you're well and ok... is th book really good, bibilhin ko na sana yesterday when i was at National pero nag second thoughts ako


TK said...

"yes, i am a very proud person. that is one of my favorite sin to commit.. pride."-- TIn

"VANITY... still my favorite sin"

--Al Pacino playing the devil in The Devil's Advocate.

bw said...

Things don't sometimes don't trun out as expected. Happens to ALL of us! Hopefully October will be much better than September :)

Just letting you know that we are here to wish you well and not provide destructive criticism. You will be OK, godwilling :)

Talamasca said...

Aaaw! You're such an eternal optimist. Keep it going, yo! ;-p

Ferdz said...

Me panahon ata talaga na me mood swings tayo. But when that hits, it helps to list down things which makes us happy and feel blessed. :D

Sidney said...

I hope October will be a blessed month for you!

ghee said...

Hi Tin!!
alam ko nag post ako ng comment dito?hmmmm...

anyways,God will bless you always so chin up!

Abaniko said...

If you think September is your greatest month, then here's my wish for you: may your coming months render September the worst month. Cheers!

rHo said...

may God continue to bless you pa Tin!! ingatz ka lagi.. :)

The Artist said...

Our walk with God is never a straight line but somehow he always calls us back.

ghee said...

HI Tin!

just dropping by to say hello and to inform you that i got you tagged,hehe.

thanx and regards!!

Toe said...

Ang dami mong friends Tin! You are indeed blessed. Always keep the faith and God will shower you with more and more blessings.

RennyBA said...

If you need more support and comfort, you can alway visit my Norwegian bragging site you know LoL