Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Random

i now realize why is it that my sister and i have only few pictures when we travel in a foreign land. it's because i'm usually the one holding the camera. and i'm the map reader. my sister would just wait for my directions. so instead of being busy with the camera, i'm busy with the map. but i'm not complaining because i've learned how to read map (just make sure the map is detailed. hehe). and i get to really know the place. as in when you leave me there, i know i'll find my way back. and it makes me comfortable with the place.

lately, a lot of my friends keep telling other people that i'm looking for korean guys. i would just like to clarify something.. i'm not. seriously. i know i've posted about korean mania before but that's just it. and it's my way to de-stress. but honestly, i'm not into korean guys. it's just that now i'm update with kpop but that does not mean i want to marry a korean. if he's korean, then fine.. but if he's not, it's also fine. as long as he's a good man and he loves me.

speaking of kpop, i'm surprised that the popular prison inmates of cebu are dancing to the tunes of kpop, such as Lies by Big Bang, and wonder girls songs.

i relly like my sister's student, jared. he's my favorite. he's really funny and cute. earlier, he and his siblings danced coz he didn't have any assignment yesterday. and they really danced the whole song. funny coz his siblings are really in full support. hehehe

i'm now a snob :( before, when i saw some friends i would be too lively in greeting them. but now when i saw them in the mall, i just say hi then leave. even if they seem to like to have a little chitchat, i would just smile and say goodbye. why am i not friendly anymore?


TK said...

Mayday eve. Ingat sa mga Mirrors.
ala lang. just another random thought.

Kyels said...

Well, it all depends on you on how you'd want to behave. Sometimes when I say hi and then leave is b/c I have nothing to talk to them what more I'm there to do something.