Friday, March 27, 2009


you know what this is. yeah! it's the princess pret-ty tin. i'm back.

hehe. and to prove that i'm back and somehow it's still me, i will tell you my bloopers yesterday. hehe.

1. every morning or when i am in panic mode, i text my old number a personal prayer. and yesterday morning i was in a panic mode because i woke up late. so i started with my prayer by saying sorry coz i woke up late. but when i read my message on my sent items in the afternoon, i discovered that what i've written was: "Lord, sorry for waking up." toink!

2. was going to an office with one of our consultants. since it's just on the second floor, we decided to take the stairs. i stipped midway. why? because my shoes got removed. hehehe.

3. i decided to ride the lrt (light rail transit) in going back to the office. and when i was paying, the teller was just looking at me and not giving me ticket or a change (i know i still have a change). then when i looked at what i gave, i gave my mrt card pala instead of the payment. hehehe.

i forgot another one.. the most major one..

4. i overlooked a requirement. this made my application rejected yesterday. i'm really praying that the requirement can be produced and submitted today, or what i have can be sufficient enough. it's just really heart-wrenching when my dad told me that my application was not accepted because of that requirement (yup, my dad is helping me). it would be okay if i got rejected because i failed the qualifying exam, but not this way. after waiting for the announcement that it is open again for application and after receiving text message from a friend on this announcement that got me really excited, then i got rejected.. disheartening! i should not have been excited. ate tonette, i am sorry.. i don't know, i just feel like i owe you an apology. but still i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

actually, this is a nonsense post. i just want to say i'm back (i hope). and i missed my blog. how about you? how are you?

**just an update. my application for number 4 was accepted. yippee!! okay, now goodluck with the rest of the application.. especially french. hahaha


Wil said...

I've also been like that lately where I was just out of it. Hopefully its just temporary. hehe

TK said...

The blogosphere became sunny again! welcome back! Don't ever change PrettyOne.

tin-tin said...

wil: i also hope so :)

tk: thanks tk :)

RennyBA said...

This is no nonsense; Happy Weekend to you :-)

Lalaine said...

welkam bak! =)

Sidney said...

Welcome back... lot is going on in your life !

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's good that you are back to blogging. Don't worry. Life is full of bloppers. If not it will be so boring. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

bw said...

you only got 2 posts for the month - I got 3 :) Glad to say I'm back too :)

caryn said...

heehee. everyone has a bad day now and then ;-)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

na bloopers pati si Lord!