Tuesday, October 13, 2009


did you know that it's october already and the it's already 2010 soon?

honestly, i was surprised when i realized it this morning. yes, i know it's october already but i was surprised when i realized that 2009 will end already. it's like i didn't notice that 2009 has gone by. promise, i still can't believe that 285 days had gone by already and i have not noticed it.

i guess i won't notice that it's christmas already until someone mentions it to me.


Toe said...

Advanced Merry Christmas Tin! :)

Richard said...

Yep, this year has passed by very quickly.

I hardly notice the time going by. Which is a good thing ... I suppose - better than watching the seconds crawl by.

I guess it means it is a good year for you. They say that when time passes quickly, you are having a good time.

TK said...

I'm alive! I'm surrounded by my Family despite of Ondoy. It's already Christmas, PrettyOne.

Photo Cache said...

I totally agree with your sentiments. I sit here shaking my head wondering where the rest of 2009 went.

RennyBA's Terella said...

I will remind you and remember; there is a BD in between :-)

Btw: I'v been working hard to find a way so that we could meet. Now It's official and I've planned hard for it: Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 - I do hope you can come and also encourage your other blog friends to participate!

bw said...

I'm excited about Nov 14 - the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight. Other than that, I wish it's 2010 already :)

Anonymous said...

binging season! :) bilis ng panahon... but tomorrow is another day. hope all is well with you, tintin.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Ganun talaga kabilis tumakbo ang panahon. What is important is that we have accomplished the things we have to do in the span of time that God has given us. Yun bang walang natapon o nasayang na sandali. Thanks for the post. Actually it is very sensical and not nonsensical. God bless you always.

Oleg said...

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zingtrial said...

tin-tin here in uk shops are full of christmas things,and agree with you that the year has flown by.Nice to know you are well:).Take care

Jimmy said...

unno what makes LIFE pretty
but u make dis WORLD beautifull

Mel sent me here

Jimmy said...

not unno
I meant Dunno

Jimmy said...

Mel Suxs
he tells God to bless u

I just say
I love u

I cant tell God what to do

Jimmy said...

me feel sorry for u guys
u guys have only KISSMAS

In INDIA we have
Ramzan and EID

and about 6 NEW YEARS
Sikh ..

and even Christian New Year and Christmas

we hardly work here
October to December plenty festivals and partying

Anonymous said...

Time passes by so quickly and I felt that i wasted most of it. I wished there's a time machine somewhere!

jassy said...

Tin, you still update your blogspot!=)...well me, too=)

backpacking philippines said...

i dread fact i want it to pass unnoticed hehe

dodong flores said...

I hardly noticed the days. Parang kailan lang and I was very busy at work sa last quarter ng 2008. Tapos ngayon, matapos na rin ang 2009 :(