Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreaming of Batanes

Batanes had always been a dream destination for me. eversince highschool, there are only two Philippine places that i really really would like to visit.. Batanes and Amanpulo.

i remember when i met kuya king of RACE, first thing i asked him is when are they going to batanes. that time, it's still an idea for RACE but they're considering it already. and now, that idea is going to be a reality. they are going to batanes on March 20-23. i was really excited when i got to read it. but now, it depresses me, especially when abet gave me a list of those who are going to join. most of the angels would be there, and as of 5:45pm today only 8 slots are left.

i was thinking of a topic to post, and when i read abet's message, i literally became weak. so now, i'm writing this blog to somehow strengthen me (duh! as if there's a connection). and why did his message made me weak/depress? its because as of now it's only 5% chance for me to join them. why just 5%?

1. the cost is quite expensive. but i know RACE would accept installment to help you in your payment. hehe.
2. my future is totally unclear right now. i have some concerns that would totally affect my future
3. the dates are friday to monday. that means, 2 days of absent from work. i'm having a dilemma now for next saturday's schedule. so what more for the batanes trip which would be on a weekday pa.

call me shallow, but i really want to cry now. highschool dream.. still a far-fetched dream. shit! now, i'm really crying


TK said...

single lady, I hope this will make you smile. The kids and I are watching this

kyels said...

Is RACE something like Amazing Race po? I hope you'll be able to join it though.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Don't cry Tintin. You can still go to Batanes. There will still be many more opportunities that will come your way. In the meantime, just concentrate on your work and try to solve the little problems that are bugging you and pray to God that another opportunity will come so that you can finally go to Batanes. Cheer up and smile. God loves you. God bless you always.

emcee said...

baka dapat tayo ang magkakasama sa batanes. we'll get there.. we have all the time in the world sabi nga ni maui. :) don't cry na. don't be a nega star :)

tin-tin said...

tk: thanks. pero di ako fan ni beyonce. hehe ;p

kyels: race is like a group that gives tour packages

mel: it's just that i want to go soon :(

emcee: gusto ko this year. pero natawa ako sayo. nabasa mo comment ni maui sa multiply pero dito ka nagcomment. hehe ;p

Lalaine said...

wag ka malungkot... makakapunta ka din doon... baka sa next time. =)


carey @ new horizons said...

life is really like that. may mga opportunities na maganda pero di natin magrab coz of some priorities. di bale, God knows your heart's desires...especially about traveling to Batanes. when the right time comes, everything will just fall in place. these days, I am also in a tight situation. we just have to trust Him. cheers! miss you and happy new year sa yo.

Tani said...

Maybe next year... But I hope you get to go now. ;)

dodong flores said...

I would want to Batanes too but I'm hard up for the cost, too! But I promise myself, If I ever make it to get there, it should not only Friday to Monday. It should be more than that - a ferry ride perhaps and spend there for more or less two weeks.
Please don't cry. Your time to really get there will just come in a right time. Just make it as one of your goal...

freeze said...

no worries, you still have a lot of other opportunities to get to Batanes, mine will be next month! hehe nang-inggit pa. :)

mahal talaga ang Batanes, airfare pa lang is 10k, maybe if you postpone, mas mura when there are more flights going there. :)

manilenya said...

Akala ko ba may date tayo na sabay tayong pupunta ng Batanes :( di mo na siguro alala no? halukayin mo blog post and comments mo lol!

bw said...

No worries - you have been to Singapore and Malaysia, how much more Batanes ? Besides, Batanes will always be there - it's not going away :)

Richard said...

The only place I have ever dreamed of going is Antarctica. I would love to trek across the frozen glaciers with howling winds and subzero temperatures.

Later in life, I developed and interest to see Japan. Other than that, I have never been terribly interested in travelling.

Although ... a Filipina penpal I had years ago, sent me photos of dolphins jumping through the water and I thought it would be neat to get on a ferry and see real live dolphins.

Alison Perez said...

Batanes is a heaven on earth. I have been there last year and it's better seeing for real than in pictures. sana matuloy ang visit niyo dun. ivatans are really kind and hospitable people.

OT: advertise ko lang po sana ang forums sa

thanks ms tin.

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