Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washing of Feet

yesterday was maundy thursday. and of course when you hear mass, there will be the washing of feet. it's a humbling act. especially for the priest. yesterday when father washed the feet of the 12 chosen men, i wondered how he felt. coz i'm sure he really doesn't know these guys, well maybe except for the church assistant and the security guard.. but for the others, even if most of them are really rich people, how does he feel holding and washing their feet?

it also brought memories of one of the bonding moments with SE34. i think for me, this would be the most memorable.. the washing of feet.

we stayed overnight in tagaytay, and the next morning.. our activity was to wash the feet of the other se34 members, particularly those who have hurt you or you want to say sorry to.

these are my friend. though we have only known each other for just a year, we totally have known each other and were already comfortable.

but still, it's feet.. i don't like. hehehe. but when i participated, i was humbled. not only because i washed someone's feet, but also when my feet was washed. really a humbling experience.

right now, i would like to apologize to all those i've hurt consciously or unconsciously.

and to iris and tuz, for posting your pic, i just want to sing... "sorry sorry sorry sorry (naega naega naega monjoe)..." with matching dance yan. hehehe.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Washing the feet of another person is a humbling experience indeed. But it was done by our Lord to show an example of humility. God exalts those who humble themselves and humbles those who exalts themselves. Thanks for the humbling post. God bless you always.

RennyBA said...

What a nice gesture!

God PĂ„ske (in Norwegian of course, but I'm sure you figure it out :-)

freeze said...

wow, napa-isip ako sa sinulat mo. Every year I see that during the paschal tridium, it doesn't appeal as humbling as it is kasi nakasanayan na. but come to think of it, you're right. it is a humbling experience, i'm not quite sure if i can pull it through with an open heart. :)

Anonymous said...

I've experienced this "washing of the feet" ceremony. Happy Easter, Tintin!

Dennis Villegas said...

Indeed the washing of feet is a powerful lesson in humility, and Jesus Christ--our Lord and Savior--was the one who taught us to do this. That makes it more of a humbling experience--that the ONE we should worship stepped down to serve and sacrifice His life for us.

Sidney said...

Happy Easter!

kyels said...

It is a powerful lesson; washing feet because you need the humility to do so. People regard washing other person's feet as a servant's job but if one can be humble, learn and feel what it's like, then all the better.


bw said...

washing of someone's feet is the ultimate symbol of humility. I believe in the old days slaves used to wash the feet of their masters.

I have been to a foot scrub/ massage quite a few times and boy it felt great :)