Monday, November 30, 2009

3rd Stop: Macau

when i hear macau, i associate it to china and the korean drama that i've seen. that's just it. but i want to visit macau. why?

1. as i said, because of the korean drama (boys over flowers). i want to see the places they've been to. the beach(?) where jihoo sunbae and jandi went. and also the airport where i felt the hurt of junpyo (my favorite scene).

2. venetian hotel. whether i would ride the gondola or not, i'd still like to visit the hotel. seeing on tv that it's like outdoors, or you're in venice or somewhere, but in reality you're just inside the hotel. it would be great if i can stay there.

3. fisherman's wharf. famous landmarks from different eras and places in one place, enough said.

4. casino. i know i'll have luck playing the casinos there. hahaha

5. egg tart. no, not the lord stow's brand. something better. i forgot the name. but i think they are the original vendors of egg tarts. a small coffeeshop.

6. other places i failed to mention. i'm sure macau has lots to offer.

note: sorry no pictures


richard said...

When I think Macau, I think casinos.

hallyudorama said...

Like you, i also want to go to Macau to see the places that the F4 visited. Macau was also featured in Princess Hours. The egg tart looks yummy. :-)

RennyBA's Terella said...

You make me want to go with you :-)

bw said...

Macau looks very intriguing, like a Las Vegas of Asia. Love to go there, but not for the egg tart hahaha :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I'll join you in prayers so that your dream to go to Macau will come true. Yes, Macau is a beautiful country with a proud heritage. It was colonized before by Portugal and turned over to China quite recently just like Hongkong which was turned over by UK to China. It is famous for its casinos just like Las Vegas and is the gambling capital of Asia. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...


Yumi's mom said...

That`s one of my ultimate dreams, visit Korea and of course learning Korean :) Salamat sa bati :)

Anonymous said...

When I hear the name Macau, I think Asia's answer to Las Vegas. Anyway, it's been awhile Tin. It's nice to be back blogging after a grueling exam month!