Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Specialty is the Best

a virtual kiss from ate ghee

i love pleasant surprises. i guess people who get text messages from me or is my ym buddy would know that.

i admit, i would like to have a surprise party. well, ace tried.. but not really that surprise coz i also helped with the food preps. but when i was in 4th year highschool, i somehow had a surprise birthday, more of a surprise greeting.

last day of newspaper drive. newspaper drive is like a big event in our school. the batches really compete. so it's a busy day for our school. come lunch time, i was in the canteen with my friends when one group from the lower batch went to us and started singing happy birthday. with matching balloons and all. i was really surprised. and i received lots of bday cards that day. it was really a good feeling since the day before, i was talking to a friend and told her that my bday would just be another day. that's why i didn't expect that some people would make it special.

this is my birthday post, but i would like to greet ate ghee happy happy birthday :)


aikafrancesca said...

wow. honestly, i LOVE surprise parties too. pero i was never given one din.

oh wells. :D

But we've had GREAT birthdays, right??


ghee said...

wow...that was really a surprise"!nostalgic mode tuloy ako dito,Tin!ang saya kasi ng bdays with friends at touching ang mga messages sa bday cards!

*simple but full of treasured memories*

i really thank you for posting and for the greeting,Tin!

a big hug to you!!

RennyBA said...

What a great contribution to a wonderful blog friend, Ghee - well done tin-tin :-)

Kyels said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Ate Ghee too!


TK said...

Happy birthday! you must be a great person to merit such attention from the PrettyOne.

Lalaine said...

Happy Birthday! stay pretty... =)


nona said...

Everybody loves surprise party. :)
Nice post Tin, came by from Ghee.

Anonymous said...

I had a surprised bday party which my lesbian bestfriend, Savi organised before. It was fun and even funnier when we discovered that one of cakes was laced with hash.

gemroy said...


Anonymous said...

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