Tuesday, March 03, 2009


from korean to japanese.

one day, son excitedly texted me. (i'm sure she was excited. i can feel it in her message.) she's recommending to me to watch a japanese drama series "Bambino" if i want to be inspired in my career. that if i feel down because of career-related stuff, i should watch this series. honestly, i was doubting her since the star is jun matsumoto, who she has a crush on. i was thinking she only wants me to watch it because of jun matsumoto. hehehe.

but still i tried it. and she is right. it really is inspiring. my sister would once in a while nudge me when there's a scene or words that she thinks i can relate to. but 90% of the film i can elate to. even if he's a chef, it's still applicable to me. what's nice about the show is that the concept is not the usual love story but really on career.

bambino = bambi, meaning baby. i'm also a bambino, i guess that's why i can really relate to it.

and of course, here's some lines that i like:

1. I can't fight back.
2. Change of order. (because of this, my sister and i won't change orders anymore in the restaurant. hehe)
3. You're tired because you have too many wasteful movements. If you don't think about your job priorities, your tasks get slowed down.
4. Don't be impatient about the stuff infront of you. Prioritize beforehand.
5. Nice. (i think i was really like bambino when this was said to him. hahaha)
6. It's hard to think that one is not needed. There is nothing more upsetting than not being useful.
7. In the end, it's whether or not you run away from there.
8. Everyone is the same. Everyone who works has some discouragement in their lives.
Even still everyone continues on working. That's what it means to work for a living.
9. Guys who don't focus on the work infront of them don't have the right to talk about their dreams.
10. In this world, few people find their true calling. For everyone, more or less, it's unjust. But what will you do then? Will you stay there and rot? Will you work hard to turn it into something positive? Or will you look for some place else?
11. It can't be helped if you made mistakes. You can't change the past. The important thing is that you think properly about why you made mistakes.
12. People who can do their jobs are supporting those who can't.
13. You get tense because you don't have confidence in your skills. You have no confidence so you get your work done and you want to get away from the table. When you do that, you look panicky infront of the customers. All you think about is not making a blunder.
14. If people like you have confidence in their skills, then you will be fine.

i really recommend that you watch it :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Tin-tin,
I made a feature of your blog at my How's Your Blog?. I hope you lie it. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

RennyBA said...

How can I watch it in Norway? ;-)

tin-tin said...

mel: thanks mel for featuring me. and for the nice review. God bless. :)

renny: via youtube. they have english subs so you could understand it. that's where i watched it. hehehe ;p

Wil said...

I saw one clip on youtube. It looks like Bambino is in a lot of trouble. I hope he pulls through and overcomes his challenges. hehe. I'll try to watch more clips later.

ghee said...

jun matsumoto is so cute nga,though I have other favs. :)

i havent seen that one yet,well,I miss lots of dramas naman coz minsan lang ako makapanood :)

aikafrancesca said...

WOW. your favorite lines hit me hard.


well, except for the change order and the first one, i think. LOL

Kyels said...

I haven't been following Japanese series since I left junior high. They used to appeal to me but now I'm not too sure anymore and it depends on the storyline too.

What is this one about?


tin-tin said...

wil: yes, try to watch more clips. thanks :)

ghee: honestly, hindi ko masyadong gusto si matsumoto ;p

tin-tin said...

aika: try to watch it aika. i'm sure madami ka pa marerelate :)

kyels: this has a different storyline. he likes to be a chef and struggled along the way. watch it :)

Kyels said...

Sounds really good na. I should try downloading it or get it from the video store.

Off topic; my name is pronounced as "Kyle" but w/the "s" behind or "Kai-Els".


Richard said...

Quote #9 is a little painful. I prefer to dream to doing the work before me.

It's a drama series? From the picture, it looks like a cooking show - with Bambino as the chef.

Asid from Ultraman, I can't think of any Japanee shows I used to watch (unless you count Power Rangers, but this was with the American reshoots).

emcee said...

because of you and son, i'll watch this next. :)

dodong flores said...

I hope I have much time to view this time, too!
Kaso lang, when I get home, I'm already tired from work...

Happy weekend, my Pretty Tin!!!

Anonymous said...

I like number 11. No use crying over spilled milk.

bw said...

some words of wisdom there ! I might try to check out YouTube clips to watch it.

LOL on no. 2 ... I'm one person who makes up my mind easy when ordering food in a restaurant. I know people who keep on changing their orders and it irritates me hehe :)

zingtrial said...

Fukuoka who comes to Tokyo with the desire to become a chef.He!He!He!.
Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.
Wishing you well

Lalaine said...

14. If people like you have confidence in their skills, then you will be fine.
this is sooo true!

sana magkaroon ako ng time para makapananuod... at sana may magpahiram ng cd sakin.... =D


backpacking philippines said...

will have to find time to watch it. i remember an online site where you can watch those shows for free :P

cpsanti said...

heehee. matsujun fan pala ang friend mo. he has a new series out nest week. its called smile and in it he's supposed to be half-pinoy ;-)