Monday, May 04, 2009

Driving 101

my brother, eric, has his driver's license already. and last night was the first time we experienced his driving.

unlike my two siblings who went to driving school, it was just my dad who taught me how to drive. we would go every weekend to the mountains of binangonan. he would teach me on a mountain, that's why i'm expert sa mga hanging. there are three memories that i have for those driving lessons..

1. when we nearly fell a cliff. i don't know what happened but we nearly fell a cliff. my dad was panicky. hahaha. and he asked me to get out of the driver's seat, he'll be the one to drive. hehe.
2. when he let me drive for the first time in the highay. i can only hear one thing from him... "slow down, slow down." that's that happens when you're used to driving in arcades. hehehe.
3. when he let me drive first time to show my family what i learned. take note, this is in one corner where there are no cars. as in i just have to go straight... and eric (who was less than 10 that time) was at the backseat really crying and shouting and heading to the door. he was really scared. he didn't trust my driving. but nothing happened to us. hello! it was just less than 5 minutes and just a traight line. no challenge really. hehehe

now, eric is already driving. i have my license also (and you saw it), but i don't drive. why? i just don't want to. not yet the time :)


Ade said...

Almost fell off a cliff? Seriously? O_o

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Driving is an essential skill that will always come in handy wherever you are. It is better to learn how to drive here in the Philippines since its exorbitant to study driving in the States. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

bw said...

Since you were taught driving in the mountains, you're definitely better than those who were trained on large parking lots :) Ingat lang - close the cell phone while driving ;)

Lalaine said...

at the age of 13 eh marunong na ako magdrive... kaya medyo kakatamad na magdrive... nagkakaturuan na kung sinu ang dapat mag drive... hahaha

RennyBA said...

Happy driving but take care! and Happy Weekend too :-)

Sidney said...

Did you also cried, shouting and head to the door when you were in your brothers car? ;-)

I understand you apprehension with driving here... ;)

jasperjugan said...

haha same here, i have a license, but i'll push someone else to do the driving as much as i can :P

deo said...

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dodong flores said...

I learned to drive way back in high school. In the barrio, you don't need a driver's license to drive a truck.
I was a part-time jeepney driver during my first and second year in college. My earnings helped to support for my tuition fees.
Driving sometimes can be fun, and sometimes can be tiresome. That depends on how, where, and whom you drive :)

ghee said...

uy,mahirap mag drive sa mountain huh?si hubby din,sa mountain ako unang pinag drive at hinasa sa time,dun sa curve,may biglang rumagasang sasakyan(wala kasi halos sasakyan dun),nagulat ako at tumama yung side view mirror sa pole sa daan,nag panic sha at pina stop yung car,haha!

samantalang mas grabe pa nga mag drive sa pinas kesa dito.^_^

congrats to your bro pala,Tin!

TK said...

Hey Tin! active ba Mafia wars account mo?