Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st Stop: Hong Kong

hong kong would always be special to me. it's my first out of the country experience. and i believe hong kong has a lot to offer to visitors aside from disneyland and oceanpark. places i would visit again in hongkong, in no particular order. and obviously, i'm only including those i've been to...

1. temple st. night market - we discovered this accidentally since it's just beside our hotel. it then had been our favorite. way better than ladies market because the stuff here are really cheaper. and the best thing? the street food. seafood! and i think it's worth your money, the quantity and definitely the taste.

2. mtr - it makes everything in hongkong accessible. and a great place to rest if you're already tired from walking.

(*edit: and just by riding the mtr, you can reach schenzhen, china already)

3. h&m stores - i just need to include this. going to hk just to visit the store. hehe. and still can't get over the dress. haaay... but really it's a nice store, not that expensive and lots of good stuff to choose from. also some staff are friendly.

4. causeway - i'm not a shopper. i hate shopping. but the concept of causeway having a road closed just so the shoppers could walk freely, that's nice.

some notes to remember for me:

1. don't go to the area where symphony of light is held/museum alone at night. or else you'll meet a new friend

2. they'll be selling you a lot of jewelry when you go into a tour, just be careful okay?

3. be on the look-out for the great tv's at the street. coz your crush might be featured.

4. i just have to agree with backpacking philippines when he posted about the rudeness of those in hk. this is one downside of hk, the people. most of them are rude. yes there are friendly/kind people you'd encounter but mostly are rude ones. and this is just not how they talk to you, but just by mere observing them, you'll notice that.

5. there are still nice people. and God won't abandon you. you'll be able to meet people to help you, like a waiter who out of nowhere would greet you in tagalog. and johnny walker.

a lot can be said about the place, but for now this is my piece.


Lalaine said...

hindi pa ako nakakapag out of the country trips... dahil sa post mo na to eh nagkaroon ako ng reminders kung anu ang mga pwedeng magawa sa HK :D

Thanks =)

vina's driving instructor said...

notes to self #2 -

is this positive or negative? It starts out negatively but then seems to end me out here. or is this both a warning and an egging?

nice informative post. I really like it.

RennyBA said...

Your a great guide Tintin - all of a sudden I want to go to Hong Kong - with you!

Anonymous said...

Ako din I'm not much of a shopper. Impulsive buyer kasi ako. Pag may nagustuhan ako, kahit mahal, bibilhin ko. Buti na lang that doesn't happen often. Glad you enjoyed your HK trip. I went there last year. Gusto ko bumalik with my daughter kasi hindi siya nakasama last year. :)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It's nice that you gave your personal views and experiences in Hongkong. Those who have not been there will be forewarned and will know what to expect. Those are practical and objective tips. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

manilenya said...

bat yung kapatid ko ayaw ng bumalik ng hongkong

Anonymous said...

Odd and I are planning to travel to Hong Kong later. I wanted to go there just to experience the food and of course the shopping. Thanks for info on this post!

kyels said...

Ooooh. I have never been to HK before pero I hope you had had a nice trip there!


bw said...

I guess all of us have some unpleasant experiences in HKG :( But despite the attitude of the people, the place is one giant shopping place methinks and there's plenty of things to do and see :)