Thursday, June 29, 2006


my cousin who's getting married this january texted me yesterday asking where will be a great honeymoon place but is not expensive. i replied maybe el nido, palawan. and my dream honeymoon is really amanpulo, so for me it's the perfect destination. hehehe. i just told him to pray that someone would give them a vacation in palawan as a gift. my dad suggested a newly-opened resort in panglao, bohol. my cousin didn't reply but i don't think he'll agree to that. it's bohol, it's where our dads are from. we practically grew up there (though we just go there every summer and Christmas breaks). it can't be boracay coz the girl is from roxas city and they are like going there every year.

out of the country? singapore? i don't think singapore nor hongkong is a honeymoon site.

well, it really kept me thinking of where would be a nice but affordable honeymoon place would be. (parang i'll get married soon ha. hehehe). any suggestion?


vina said...

sooo, they'd want a lower budget than the P23K of el nido? how about boracay?

out of the about thailand? not bangkok, but where the beaches are, like phuket. but i'm sure that will cost more.

tin-tin said...

somehow expensive din ha. P23K, just for the hotel? airfare pa. food (most probably breakfast will be the only compliemntary meal), other expenses. hehehe

thailand? he has been to thailand, so i just don't know. maarte pinsan ko, kagaya ko. ayaw ng napuntahan na. hehehe ;p

jairam said...

I don't recommend HK and Singapore, baka all they'll do is shopping he he. Hubby and I will be going to Palawan this September pa, and in El Nido. Amanpulo is soooo expensive! Boracay would be a nice option, Bohol is another great place to go. In Cebu they can go to Plantation Bay or Shangrila Mactan.

RennyBA said...

You know what I would have suggested: To Norway, the land of the midnight sun you know. Think of a romantic night in the sun set where the sun never goes down:-)

tin-tin said...

jairam: where did you have your honeymoon ba? cebu? hehehe. taga-cebu sya. hehehe.

rennyba: wow! that would really be romantic :)

Rey said...

Actually the place is nothing without the feeling.

But going places heightens the mode of the moments, i agree. There's nothing like making love in a different place for the first time.


1. Genting Highlands, Malaysia-- considered as Asia-s Las Vegas
2. Seoul, Korea-- If you want cool, romantic, flowery settings. There's just a problem communicating to locals though.
3. Nepal-- Trek the himalayas if they got adventure in their veins
4. Singapore (yeah)-- if they want a you-have-it-all-near kind of things.

snglguy said...

Just tell them to lock themselves in a hotel suite for a few days with a "Do Not Disturb" sign outside the door. ;-)

tin-tin said...

rey: trekking in the himalayas?? isn't the essence of honeymoon um.. for making love? hahaha

snglguy: hmmm... pwede. cheaper pa. hehehe :)

cruise said...

two of my officemates ay naghaneymoon sa bohol, grabe ang ganda ng mga pictures nila, lalo dun sa resort na may infinity pool

jase said...

how about new zealand or australia ?

Duke said...

KOta Kinabalu, malaysia should be a good option. They fly now from Manila(Subic) to KK via Air Asia and they also have packages invlusive of hotels.

Just my two cents.

dreaming-neko said...

amanpulo looks like a beautiful place~ but don't you want to go farther away? :)

not too familiar with other honeymoon spots on your side...

yuri said...

maldives!!!! yey! go check it out!

tin-tin said...

cruise: i know that infinity pool. when you see it sa malayuan, ang ganda nga. pero pag nagswim ka na dun, ummm.. okay lang. hehe.

jase: ummm... pero sige po, will suggest. thanks :)

duke: i think it's cheap going there now. nice suggestion. and duke, happy birthday! :)

tin-tin said...

neko: of course, i would like to go farther, but first i want to go there. hehe

yuri: i would love to go there!!! teka! for my cousin pala dapat. hahaha

charles ravndal said...

try siargao island or bohol or somewhere in bantayan. I like my honeymoon close to nature!

carey said...

It depends sa exact budget range really Tin, we don't know exactly what inexpensive is for them. Bohol and Palawan are great honeymoon spots. If outside the country, Europe would be the most romantic place - Venice, Prague, Paris... sighhh...

Anonymous said...


Haaaaay... errr... Palawan sounds really good. I really want to go there. Haha! So, I think I'll go for Palawan.

Pwede rin Sagada. Kaso, honeymoon site ba iyon?


vina said...

aaaay, grabe na ang pinuntahan ng mga suggestions ah! may napili na ba?

mai said...

if they do have the budget, amanpulo is the place locally..though I haven't been there pero I heard the best of all the best resorts talaga dito sa pinas. oks din ang el nido and also bohol :D

tin-tin said...

charles: it's great to have a honeymoon close the beach, right? siargao? i think that's a nice suggestion. thanks :)

carey: i also don't know their budget. but i don't think kaya ng budget ang europe. hehehe

jhed: honeymoon site ba sagada? hindi nga ata. hehehe ;p

tin-tin said...

vina: saya ng mga suggestions noh? actually, di ko pa ulit sya nakakausap. been busy kse. hehehe :)

mai: i haven't been to amanpulo also, but i also heard only the best about that place :)

Toe said...

Hi Tin... besides the place, the hotel or lodging should also be considered in choosing a place to honeymoon. For example, they may go to beautiful Boracay, pero kung panay lamok naman yung room nila, they won't enjoy. They should make sure the resort is beautiful, has good services, good food, romantic ambiance, and hassle-free. If possible, their room should overlook the beach (if they're going to the beach). I suggest Shangri-La Mactan.

tin-tin said...

hahaha. you have a point. shang mactan is in cebu. i think cebu is out of the options coz my cousin is from there :)

yuri said...

ikaw tin san mo personallt gusto?

tin-tin said...

san ko personally gusto pumunta? sa amanpulo :)

charles ravndal said...

Cebu is really nice. Try the areas of Bantayan and also Malapascua.

tin-tin said...

malapascua is in cebu? haven't heard about that place yet :)

TK said...

El Nido, that's where my wife and I had our honeymoon. It was so pristine, untouched by commercialism. but that was 7 years ago.

tin-tin said...

tk: i think it's still not that commercialized yet unlike boracay :)

charles said...

yup, it's up north of cebu a bit farther from bantayan. It is dubbed as the little boracay because of its pristine waters and white sand beaches..

tin-tin said...

i saw it in my google adsense. hehehe. you've been there already? :)

jairam said...

ha ha taga Cebu pala? Palawan na lang :)

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