Monday, June 05, 2006

Yes Lord!

yesterday before the mass began, a clergy approached my mom and asked if our family could be the offerors for that mass. my mom said no. i told her, say yes! don't say no. good thing the clergy was not far yet and my mom changed her answer. so, for the first time (i guess) our family (complete, that is, including my dad) offered during the mass yesterday.

after mass, i told my mom that one thing i learned from BLD Youth (as also seconded by my brother) is obedience to God. that if God asked you to serve Him (of course through other people), just say Yes. even if it is somewhat impossible, say Yes because God will make a way.

obedience to God is not easy. i've been guilty of not following Him at times. i was not punished but i guess maybe it would be better if i just followed Him before.


Duke said...

amen to that!

snglguy said...

The only time my family gets together for mass is during weddings. We're not much of a mass going kind of family.

carey said...

I guess it's more comfortable to just observe than participate... same goes for being asked to lead the prayer during birthday parties or being asked to read the First or Second Reading during Mass. We usually point to the others do it. It is the easier choice for us, but I agree with you that it's God asking us through another person... and we just have to say YES! =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, always say YES to the Lord.

tin-tin said...

duke: :)

snglguy: this is one thing that my mom tries to preserve. that we still hear mass as a family

carey: yup, really an easier choice. we have to say yes, but when i'm being asked to lead a prayer, even for informal gathering, i try to refuse. hehehe

jhed: Yes siree!