Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Four Toe

got tagged by Toe. revenge time. hehe.

Four jobs I would really stink at:

1. Housekeeper - I am not an organized person. my things are always a mess.
2. Laundrywoman
3. Call center - i don't think i'll last in a job where i'll only be sitting down for eight hours
4. Pest control employee - it's not the cockroach who will leave the place but i will

Four pretend monikers I’ll never live up to:

1. Sexy - it was the name of our first dog
2. Diva - as if!
3. Miss Popular - i'm not popular. i'm just friendly
4. Miss Kikay - still can't believe it when others call me kikay or maarte. because my sister, mom and most friends would call me plain and simple

Four movies I will NEVER watch again, ever:

1. Tagalog lovestories - baduy na kung baduy! but tried to watch some of these films and promise it just made me sick. but in fairness, there are other tagalog films that are worth watching
2. Mission Impossible - i can't understand the story. but i like MI3
3. Joe's Apartment - puhlease! the stars of that film?!! yuck!
4. i forgot the title but it's also about roaches and i just slept during the entire film coz i don't want to open my eyes and watch

Four places that I would NEVER live in:

1. Alaska or the Antarctic and other freezing places - have to copy this.
2. Somalia
3. Ilocos or Cagayan - i'm sorry but i'm not really a north person
4. war zone countries

Four things I HATE to do on my weekends:

1. travel on a rainy day. sorry i just hate rain
2. arrange/clean my stuff
3. finish officework
4. visit a doctor for a check-up

Four TV shows I used to geek out to:

1. Bioman - Sorry Yuri. but i'm Pink5! hahaha. i have karate class at the same time. and my sister and i would pretend sick so we don't have to take classes and just watch bioman. hehehe
2. Perfect Strangers - we just used to laugh really hard with their jokes. hehe
3. Nickelodeon - particularly Finder's Keepers and Double Dare
4. Karate Kat - i forgot the title of the show. it's like a cartoon strip or something with Thundercats for Mondays (?), and Karate Kat on Wednesdays. and i also like their show on Fridays but i forgot the title

Four cigarette (or liquor) brands I’ve tried and enjoyed:

1. any cocktail drinks. hahaha

Four things I CAN live without:

1. Cigarettes - sorry but i hate the smell of lit cigarettes.
2. Cockroach!!! - should i say more
3. Beer - i get drunk easily when i drink beer. and i don't like it's taste
4. well, it's just really cockroaches

Four of my favorite cholesterol laden foods:

1. Pizza!! - it's just my weakness
2. Proven - it's a streetfood that i can only buy in LB. it's like hotshots of kfc
3. Sisig
4. Chocolates

Four places I would rather be in right NOW (if I had the money that is):

1. Bora bora or Amanpulo
2. California - to visit my college barkada
3. Cambodia - my sister and i are pestering my dad to treat us a trip to Cambodia
4. Anywhere as long as i'm with ... - sorry can't say his name coz some of the readers know him. hehe.

i had fun answering it but also had a hard time writing stuff that i don't like. hehe. sorry, but i'll tag Neko. so you'll have something to post :)


vina said...

hehe, who gave the name sexy to your dog?

dreaming-neko said...

no hawaii on the place list! :(
* gasp *

snglguy said...

About the Tagalog romance films, yeah they are good for ZZZZZZ's. :-)

I loved Perfect Strangers too...

Toe said...

Ooooh Tin-Tin, do come to Cambodia! We can meet up. Contact me if you have any questions about itineraries, bookings, places to go to, etc.. Hindi ako travel agent ha. ;) I've just given this kind of advice to family who visited me na. :)

We both don't like beer and cigarettes!

jairam said...

Amanpulo would be great!

tin-tin said...

vina: my dad. and her children were named: macho, panty, bra and pandoy. hehe. weirdo talaga dad ko. hehe

neko: am so sorry...

snglguy: you know Perfect Strangers? wow! i thought it's only my family who knows that. hehe.

tin-tin said...

toe: i'll really meet up with you. i just hope my dad will agree to give us fare and pocket money. hehe. can't spend much now coz i'm trying to save up for something :)

jairam: yeah!!! that's my dream vacation. hehe ;p