Thursday, June 29, 2006


i'm a very disorganized person. my stuff found anywhere. even my money is just kept anywhere in our house. really disorganized. hmm, now i wonder why they keep on asking me to organize a get-together. even my desk in the office is topsy-turvy. hahaha. no kidding. in tagalog, i'm burara.

the story.. i was handling an account before which was transferred to another division. i gave the documents to the other division, but my mistake was i did not have any transmittal letter or anything. i just gave the papers, and that was like last year. yesterday, they would be having a meeting regarding that account and they asked me for the document. i was like, i already transferred it to you. they cannot find it. we cannot trace it. they were asking me who i gave it to, but with my memory being like Dory of Finding Nemo, sorry. i really can't recall to who but i'm sure i have turned it over and it's not in my files anymore. until this morning, i was really worried. then finally! we found it. it's with them, and i nearly cried when i found it. relief! whew!

why was i worried? well, it's not really because i've lost something but because i hate to disappoint my two superiors (A. France and A. Elsie). i even texted them last night (at around 10pm) saying sorry for what happened. i hate disappointing people. i'm more worried of disappointing them than making them mad at me. these are two different things.

in my previous job, i was really doing my best not because i was afraid that my boss (either Sir JP or Ma'am Sally) will get mad at me but because i was afraid that i might disappoint them. these two people really believed in me, and i hate to make them think they're wrong about that. once, the VP of my present department reprimanded me and i really cried. reason? it's like i disappointed him, and the worst part is it was not my fault. in my present job, it's him i would not like to get disappointed. why? because as my two former supervisors believed in me, he also does. diba boss? hahaha. i somehow lack self-confidence and these three plus A. france and A. Elsie, helps me gain self-confidence. and i thank God for each of them.

why did i write this post? para makabawi kay A. France and A. Elsie coz i know A. France reads my blog once in a while. hehehe.


mai said...

Acknowledging one's fault is better but striving to improve and learning from mistakes are the best.

isa pa, nobody's perfect naman. am sure your bosses also commit mistakes. kaya don't that be disappointed. the mere fact that they believe in you means you're somebody and not just nobody. :D

jairam said...

I agree with Mai about acknowledging your faults.
Next time Tin, try using post it and placing a corkboard in front of your desk. I have one kasi once in a while sinusumpong din ang amnesia ko...or baka tumatanda na? He he.

tin-tin said...

thank you so much girls. i do acknowledge my faults naman talaga. sobrang lesson learned talaga yung yesterday. hehe. regarding my memory, i have a calendar na nga where i do write my to do list kse makakalimutin. hehehe ;p

snglguy said...

While a desk calendar is a good idea, a handy day to day planner would be best. :-)

tin-tin said...

snglguy: i've tried to have that, but i don't write on it except bdays. slightly nadefeat din ang purpose. hehehe

dreaming-neko said...

self-confession/apology post? :P

tin-tin said...

ummm... yup..