Thursday, June 01, 2006

pretty tin

as i was bloghopping, i encountered a post where the girl asked if she really is ugly. saying that only her parents and relatives said that she is beautiful. and it's not counted since they have no choice and as the saying goes: 'a face only a mother can love' i commented that at least her parents told her she was beautiful.

my parents are weird. i think they're the only parents who would say that their child is ugly. when i was in college, a highschool friend invited me to go to Boracay. we were there for four days. since it's our first time to be there, we really tanned ourselves. no make it burned ourselves in the sun. when i returned to manila, and my saw me, she commented: "ang pangit mo" (you're ugly). that's why after that, when i go to the beach, i don't really enjoy the sun because i became conscious not to havr some tan or else my mom would tell me that am ugly again. two months ago, my mom saw my 6th grade crush with his girlfriend. my mom told my sister about it and when my sister asked who's prettier, i am or the girl, my mom answered the girl. when my sister told her she's bad, my mom defended herself by saying that it's because the girl is more mestiza than i am. and when my dad saw my ex with a new girl in robinson's place last month and my sister again asked the question of who's prettier, my dad replied that it's also the girl. and when my sister once again confronted him about it, he tried to defend himself by saying that it's because i am bigger than the girl. i've confronted my dad, and he uses the same defense. i told him he was asked who is prettier not sexier. a girl can be big but still pretty. we're talking about the face and not the body.

see! i told you i have weird parents. and even if my face is not loved by mom (coz i unfortunately look like my dad), i am still happy with my face. no joke! i still consider myself as pretty. and i know i am blessed. because even with a (pretty? hehe) face like this, i know that a lot of people still loves me.


Toe said...

I know that some of the most beautiful faces in the world think or used to think that they were ugly... Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford, etc.. There will always be someone prettier and uglier, richer and poorer, fatter and thinner, more intelligent and more stupid than us. As for those girlfriends of your exes who are prettier than you... I bet their middle toe is the longest. Hehehe! :)

I do think you're pretty Tin. In your picture, you are. But more important is that you're happy and I think you also are.

Rey said...

Hey Pretty tin:
I'm not your parents and I'm not weird either. So I will tell you what you know for god knows how long: YOU'RE PRETTY. peksman. :)

snglguy said...

Beauty is but skin deep. Here is a lyric from the theme from Romeo and Juliet: "A rose will bloom, it then will fade. So does a youth... so does the fairest maid"

Remember that. :-)

tin-tin said...

thank you everyone. i know i am pretty, ang kapal ng mukha. haha. honestly, i am thankful for my face. i am proud of it actually. :)

toe: though we haven't met personally, friend na kita! hehe. sobrang thank you ha. sige, i'll check their middle toe if it's the longest. hahaha

rey: sabi ko na nga ba weird parent ko. hehehe. thanks rey!

snglguy: okay i will remember ;p what romeo and juliet is that from?

snglguy said...

It was from the theme song of Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet" the movie, made in the early part of the 70's. :-)

iyna said...

well that explains why you are weird too. :D

joke lang tin.

Life is beautiful, so are we.
Pero eto para sa'yo:
Life is pretty, so are you.

this one's the best: LIBYA
Life Is Beautiful, You Also

Ahihihi :D

Duke said...

you're parents have a nice way of showing their affection to you!

of course you are pretty! inside and out!

tin-tin said...

snglguy: i'm not sure if that's the romeo and juliet i've seen

iyna: kaya din tyo riends iyna. kse pareho tyong weird

duke: thanks duke :)

carey said...

Affirming the beauty that's in you is a sign of a healthy self-image, which is very good. It also means you recognize God's presence in you! Don't mind what your parents told you, they know that you're quite confident about your looks... they're actually using reverse psychology. =)

Anonymous said...

If you were 3 or 4 years old your parents would have definitely voted for you! It's one thing to instill confidence in a young child and joke around with an adult. I'm sure parents deep in their hearts would never put down their kids.

Chas Ravndal said...

Hello Tin. Count me in since my mom also tells me that I look ugly on this and that and she always checks on if I have use some moisturiser on my face and other stuff to make my skin always glowing

Anonymous said...


Ganyan din kaya ang mom and dad ko. Lalo na ang dad ko, lagi niyang pinapansin ang (mga) pimples ko!

"Paano ka mag-aartista niyan kung ganyan mukha mo?

"Hala! Sino ba may sabi sa iyo na mag-aartista ako?"


vina said...

hi tin. your parents sure have a funny way of expressing their love for you, hehe.

just keep that positive attitude of yours. that is what is more important!

plong said...

no worries tin, my nanay says the same thing.. ehehe..

pero ok lang, cause i don't believe her. :P

ruther said...

maganda ka. :D

tin-tin said...

carey: makapal lang talaga mukha ko. hehe

bw: i know my parents don't mean to hurt me. they may not be serious with what they said, but sometimes it still hurts. huhu

chas: i guess your mom is only concerned that you'll always look good :)

jhed: mag-aartista ka pala ha. sumali ka na sa starstruck? ;p

tin-tin said...

vina: my parents are really funny. even if they're weird i still love them. naks!

plong: that's the fighting spirit. hahaha ;p

ruther: salamat po :)

dreaming-neko said...

maybe we're asking the wrong questions... how about: who has a prettier heart?