Monday, June 19, 2006

Subic Virgin's Dream Coming True on a Special Father's Day

the title really described my weekend. it was my frist time to go to Subic. pathetic and unbelievable, i know. and i really had a blast. as my mom said, after a long time our family went out of town once again (we don't count cebu and bohol trips). and by family i mean the five of us complete (father, mother, brother, do you brush your teeth. hehe). it had been a memorable weekend also. why?

1. first time in subic. should i say more?

2. i jammed with the resort's band. and really sang my heart out. it was a dream come true. for those who haven't heard me sing. well, just be thankful that you haven't heard me yet. as they say, it's all about the guts and stage presence and not the voice. hahaha. trust me!

3. i made lambing to my dad. this is the biggest deal i guess. here's the story. since it's my first time to go to Subic, i wanted to go to the Zoobic Safari. since it's late already and somehow expensive if my dad would be the only one to pay for all 5 of us, my mom said that we shouldn't go. as we were in the Butterfly Garden, i went to my dad, rubbed his big belly and said: "Pa, Zoobic Safari." afterwards, my sister asked where will we go next. without missing a beat, my dad answered: "Zoobic Safari. khet kayong tatlo lang." (Zoobic Safari, even it'll only be the three of you) meaning us children. they were all shocked and i was like, ha! my dad misses me!

this is a big deal, because as much as possible i stay away from my dad. but four years ago, i am a Papa's Girl. something happened, i don't talk to him until last year. but still i don't touch him. during mass, i don't kiss him but bless. because i don't want to really touch him. that's why it's really a big deal. after four years, ngayon lang ulit ako naglambing.

i really had fun last weekend with my family. wait! if my memory serves me right, my sister and mom didn't have a fight last weekend. and everyone was just laughing and really having a good time. well, except for my brother who kinda got drunk. hehe. love you eric!

also, i would like to commend the staff of White Rock Resort, they are really accommodating and courteous. they really made everyone's stay enjoyable and at home.

i am sure the Father's Day this year had been extra meaningful to my dad and the whole family. even if he spent a lot. he didn't care coz i'm sure for the first time again, he felt how it is to be my dad again.


mai said...

that's nice to hear least you're exerting an effort to shut the gap off. sounds like your family had a blast there in subic. buti ka pa kasama dad mo yesterday..kami never pa ata naming nakasama dad namin on that special day kasi nasa abroad siya lagi ng mga June. :(

yuri said...

is it really nice in zoobic? i saw it once in Q-pids (yuck chaka i know). so sweet ur dad ha. kakainggit.

Anonymous said...

Uy, Subic!

Been there like 2 years ago. Haha! Ang saya-saya di ba?

I don't like most of their beaches though.


tin-tin said...

mai: yup, we really had a blast. i guess it's better that he's far than he's with you but you don't recognize him as your dad :)

yuri: hahaha. i saw the commercial of that episode. zoobic is nice. but i guess the ones who'll really enjoy it are the kids. and those who loves to learn coz they have trivias posted all over the place.

jhed: i don't like their beaches. period. hehe

dreaming-neko said...

sound slike a great trip!
is this in the tin-tin tour?

tin-tin said...

now, it's included in the tour :)

jairam said...

Hi Tin, Im glad you had a great time with your family :)

tin-tin said...

yup, jairam. thanks :)

kim said...

been to subic last year with my little boy(holy week ata un). super enjoy, we also stayed at white rock beach resort for 4 days and 3 nyts.ZOObic and butterfly garden completed our trip.saya noh?

tin-tin said...

ang saya nga. coz you can do a lot of things there :)