Sunday, July 01, 2007

Going Digital

this digiscrap was made by ate mai a long time ago. hahahaha. thanks ate mai! this is part of her ripples of kindness project. i signed up for it. but i don't know if i did a kindness to another person.

the digiscrap is really nice right? i love this digiscrap coz she really described me. and not only that, it's obvious that she really thought hard on what pictures to put to really show who i am. if this is not a digital photo, i'll place it in a photo frame and display it in my room. but since it's a digital photo, i will just have a digital picture frame. and for a conceited person like me (hahaha), i can have more. not only the digital photo frame coz i can have more photos stored. so it's like i'll have a collage or a screensaver. i can display it in my room or in the office. talk about conceitedness! hahaha. yes, i admit. i'm conceited. but at least when i have a guest, s/he can see more faces of me. well, i only have one face eversince, but sometimes i have different moods. but i know the only thing that will be the same is that i have no eyes in my pictures. hehehe.


Mai said...

hi tin! glad you liked the digiscrap layout i did for you. Haha! when i saw your entry, i was like..."hey this looks familiar.." ngapala it's one of my digiscrap masterpieces hehe!

kyels said...

Wow, it's cool the digiscrap. Never knew it was called a "digiscrap" though!


tutubi said...

nice scrap :)

and pretty too