Saturday, June 30, 2007

i'm proud of myself

it all started when the monitor went black. i thought i shut it down accidentally or i just forgot i did. but when i opened the computer an hour after, there's this sound and i can't see anything. since i'm really experimental, i tried to see if all cables are attached securely. but there's this oine that i removed to attach again. but when i removed it, the socket (for the lack of term), fell inside the cpu. as in i was shocked.

really not knowing what to do anymore and super worried, i texted my sister and brother to inform them and for them to call their dad for the computer to be fixed. my sister just gave me the number of the repairman. i called him and i cannot reach him. i just texted the gf of my officemate to ask help from his bf. they called me up. and my officemate is really busy with playing dota, so he can't go to our house and he told me that i can do it. he asked me if i have a screwdriver and if i play family computer when i was still younger. i said yes to both. then he said, i'll do fine.

so i opened the computer. attached the videocard.. and viola! i fixed it! i'm sooooo proud! hahahaha. sorry ha. i'm really proud coz i did it and i was able to save money for something that is so easy to do pala. yabang! hahahaha.

ann and jac, what gift would you like to receive? i'll give you a gift talaga. jac, buti na lang talaga adik ka sa laro. hahaha :)


Talamasca said...

Guh-reat job! You go, you! LOL!

Oooh! Prezzies! Gimme gimme gimme! ;-p

carey said...

hey congrats! parang ako rin nun. we used to own an internet cafe and when the computers go crazy, i chat with my online consultants - my bro and bro-in-law, or i search the net for the error and i usually get the thing fixed. i realize that sometimes the things we thought are so difficult to do are plain easy when you actually try to do it yourself.

Wil said...

you can put computer tech consultant on your resume na. Puede maging side-job iyan. hehehe. I always got a headache when I tried to fix my computers back in the day. Good thing I haven't had any computer challenges recently. :D

Ferdz said...

Cool! Buti na lang naglalaro ka ng family computer. So alam mo magpasok ng video card sa slot parang bala ng family comp. Baka next time marunong ka na mag assemble ng PC :D

tutubi said...

pretty tin the geekette :)

btw, linked you up already, ex links tayo :)

tani said...

when you panic you forget to be rational. galing! *pat in your back*