Wednesday, July 04, 2007


once again, i've been tagged by carey. i don't know. it's like she loves me so much that whenver she has to tag someone, she thinks of me. and since i also love carey.. i'm doing it. hehehe. but since i've done this already in the past and i it's a long list, i also copied some from my former posts. and some are not weird at all. it's just what makes me Pretty Tin

1. when i try to add something, even large amounts, i try to compute it manually first. then i check it by using the calculator. why? just to see if i still know my addition. hehe

2. all the cellphone numbers that are listed in my phonebook is also saved in an excel in my computer and usb.

3. i usually celebrate my birthday after my birthday. and i only invite those who greeted me. that's why the celebration is delayed. hahaha

4. i do not eat vegetables. unless it's salad, and tortang talong or monggo

5. i would rather walk than ride the jeepney. i just don't like riding the jeepneys. coz it's like i feel like i smell more polluted when i ride the jeepney rather than when walking. and you just don't know how sweaty your seatmate would be in the jeep.

6. my shoes don't last that long. i don't know. but the lifespan of my shoes now are only a month. but this only happened to me since last year i think.

7. i sleep with the lights on when i'm alone in the room. and would not be the one to close it when i have companions in the room. basta dapat nakapikit na ako pag nagclose ng lights.

8. before i take a bath, i would look at myself in the mirror then try out different smiles and facial expressions

9. i really hate cockroaches. even just the site of it in pictures. or even if it's dead. i don't wanna go near it. it still has some virus kaya

10. i always trip. when i walk i always trip down. basta ewan ko ba. matatapilok ako at matatapilok

11. i have to drink milk every morning. or whenever within the day. it's like something's amiss when i don't drink milk

12. i can sleep easily. even if there are noises around me, i can sleep well.

13. i hate going to sales. when i know that if a certain mall is on sale, i would not go there. i hate crowded places. i really hate it

14. i cry easily when i get lost. especially if it's a crowded place

15. after i see ace nowadays, i cry. and i don't know why.

yehey! it's tagging time. now, i'm going to tag some people. i hope you'll do this. i choose you because i really wanna know you more and i'm sure you have lots to write. hehehe. so the lucky ones are: idda, tish t., emcee, babsy and lucille.


kyels said...

Yay! I learned some new things 'bout you!


chase said...

When I am also in the bathroom I always look at the mirror and try different smiles and facial expressions!

Wil said...

Who's Ace?

I like tortang talong. It's been a while since I had it.

Shoes that only last for a month? Maybe you should buy a different brand. hehehe

vina said...

talo ko kayo!

i talk to my reflection when in the bathroom!


carey said...

wow, thanks, ang bilis nakagawa ng meme. love mo talaga ako, hehehe... *muah*

OK yung #1, at least di katulad nung iba, kahit 1 plus 1, ginagamit pa rin ang calculator. my point is, we rely too much on calculators kahit na simpleng computation lang, too lazy to compute. i am guilty of this sometimes.

natawa ako sa #3, ganun ba yun? if i know the date, i'll save it as a reminder so i can greet u many times on ur bday and u will invite me to all your celebrations many times din.

on #5, i'd rather walk too... if it's just a short distance, i prefer to walk.

TK said...

I'm guessing you out-grace Miriam Quiambao when you do trip.

Rodrigo said...

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JV said...

5. Ako'y nagtitipid sa pamasahe, kasi pataas ng pataas na yung mga singil ng jeep. Akalain mo ibabalik daw sa 7.50 na pamasahe next month ata. At... pollution rin kasi!

6. Buti nga sapatos mo nagtatagal ng 1 month! Pero sa akin, pagdating sa payong, isang linggo lang sira na! Oh, breaking the record di ba? ngyekngyekngyek...

9. Kalaban ko rin ang mga ipis, ang favorite weapon na pamatay ko ay: walis ting-ting!!! Hahahhahahha!

Have a happy weekend Tin-Tin!:)

Ferdz said...

Magandang idea yung number 3 ah! Hehe. Yung 8 gawain ko din yan minsan, Hahaha

The King said...

"3. i usually celebrate my birthday after my birthday. and i only invite those who greeted me. that's why the celebration is delayed. hahaha"

Hahaha! Laughtrip to.. You gave me an idea, hehe!

Abaniko said...

On number 3, perhaps you'd want to see first who remember your birthday and more importantly, who give you gifts. Then, you just invite those who gave gifts. Haha. Joke.

Alternati said...

Hi Tin-tin!

Buhay pa ko! hehehe...

On #2, is that because you think you might lose your cp and the numbers along with it? ;)

#10, I am so clumsy like you. I do not only always trip, I tend to bump into people or knock over things as well. hehehe

Di ka mahilig sa gulay? tsk tsk tsk... "Makulay... ang buhay..." (Sorry ha LSS ko yan ng ilang araw na)

Ditto with Wil. Who's Ace? (I dunno if you mentioned him recently lang during my hiatus, pero I can't seem to recall you mentioning anyone by that name)

RennyBA said...

Yea, I thought I've red some of them before, but good to know you even better anyway!
Wishing you a great week to come:-)

lazarus said...

on no. 13, i don't go to malls during sale. the items i want to buy are usually not discounted. sayang lang sa effort in lining up sa cashier.

Anonymous said...

1) Buti ka pa, buti pa kayo, may talent sa Math. Hehehe. Dole-outs ako palagi diyan. :D

2) Ginawa ko rin 'yan, once. Mala-database pa nga dahil sa MSAccess ko siya nilagay. :D

3) Ako, laging kaunti ang nagpupunta tuwing birthday ko. Christmas season kasi 'yun e.

4) Non-vegearian? *apir*

5) Trip ko ring maglakad kung minsan. Mas nae-enjoy ko kasi 'yung mga music sa music player ko.

6) 'Yun lang. Mag-i-isang taon na 'tong dalawang pares ng sapatos ko. Patuloy pa rin sa pakikibaka.

7) Sanay na akong patay ang ilaw. Tsaka... ;)

9) Pareho tayo sa cockroach dilemma.

11) Coffee for me.

Isang magandang araw sa'yo. =)

Paris said...

Haha! Wicked :D

This is me as well. I live with 1O other girls so I don't care if they are noisy or what they do if I'm already going to sleep.

RennyBA said...

Hey, come on over for a blog gathering and some sea food!

Rey said...

Natatapilok palagi? Flat footed ka ba tin? Ganyan kasi Nanay ko eh.

I'm surprised of you not a vegetable gorger? Hope you're learning though. It's good for you.

CM said...

ako rin parating natatapilok. lampa nga tawag sakin ng kaklase ko e. ewan ko ba. lalo na pag naglalakad ako sa side walk natatapilok ako.

naku, buti nakakatulog ka ng bukas ang ilaw.

ayoko naman maglakad sa kalsada kasi nabubugahan ako ng tambucho ng jeep. kaya mas prefer kong sumakay na lang. hehe.

PogiChinoy said...

I hate vegetables, unless they're cooked in unhealthy goodness.

I'm kinda afraid of the dark, so my lights are on too. :p

Me love milk too! Only full cream though. Lite milk is sooo watered down.

I can sleep through anything and can sleep almost anywhere.

Sales are stress, because people are stress, but I love a bargain!

I cry too easily. If there's ever a 60 minutes segment about a cancer patient who is trying to live, I cry.

Tani said...

Hope you don't get osteoporosis when you get old kasi lagi ka natatapilok. At least you're drinking milk. :)

Anonymous said...

hehe. medjo unusual ka rin ha?

slamat sa pag greet sa mama ko nang happy birthday.Ü

The Artist said...

I love the honesty in what you have shared

bananas said...

u cry when ur lost? ako i panic but try to appear like im not. but i will never

Richard said...

As usual, always nice and interesting things about you.