Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Store

i think as everyone else, i would like to have a business of my own. but there are several problems, the capital and also what kind of business. well, there are some business that needs small capital, but the main problem is the kind of business to enter into. also, the location. now, that is also a big problem especially with the high rentals. yes, there are a lot of rising buildings but still the rental. money is not that easy now. good thing we are living in a computer age, and somehow the problem of location and other stuff is minimized. where almost everything you would need is virtual, like your address (just the website address), even the customer's shopping cart. so i think it's a nice option for me to have my store online. but i still need tutorials for this, even if my thesis is on virtual shopping. hehehe. well, there is an ecommerce software that can help me. and i think with everything going online and every house having computers, and computer classes are being taught in pre-school, i think even an elementary student can now have his own online store. hmmm... next thing we know, the richest person in the world is a 12-year old student.


Richard said...

There is no question that the premise of having an online store is very seductive, but ... as you know just from blogging, having an online presence is not enough, you also need traffic and a product people are interested in. It doesn't have to be many people, just enough to keep you in the black.

The easiest way to go is to do business with a company that will drop ship your products for you. First step to getting wholesale prices though is to register a business.

Good luck.

kyels said...

It's hard to guarantee the profit of an online store but nevertheless anyone can try it out.


Good luck ate.