Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boss Poly

this is in honor of the first boss who believed in me. wait! it was sir jp. first boss in my present company na lang. hehehe. vp poly gonzales. i can still remember my job interview with him. since our work would be dealing with financials, he asked me this:

boss: what are the types of financial statement?
me: income statement and... the one with the debit-credit...
(after how many minutes of me insisting about the debit-credit)
boss: income statement and balance sheet
me: yes! that's it! the balance sheet.
(syet! asset-liabilities nga pala yun! hahaha. buti naintindihan niya ako. hehehe)

and when he learned that i'm an economics graduate:
boss: do you think it is important if we will import?
me: yes sir.. because chuva chuva
boss: but chuva chuva
me: no! we still need to import because.. chuva chuva
(okay, i forgot our conversation. but i remember that i argued with him, even if i have to impress him. i still argued with him)

and even if i argued with him. and my answers were really stupid. he liked me! he believed in me! i was not supposed to work there anymore but he called for me and told me his plans for me. and he said the magic word. travel! hahaha. so, i started the next day, his birthday (july 23). if not for gloria's austerity measures, i would have travelled in my first months. was only able to travel after a year (in bohol). and it was with him. and after that, almost every month, i get to travel. mostly with him. but he always remember our first travel. especially my singing prowess. he is my number one fan when it comes to singing. hahaha. he even has this rule: i would not sing when i'm on travel or else i could never travel again. and of course i argued again.

me: but boss, you won't be with me in this travel. you won't hear me sing. then i can sing.
boss: i won't hear you. but you're representing crmd (our department)

okay! he won! that's why i got to sing only in bohol. hahaha. and when i was telling his wife about our plans of a little tribute for him the next day, she asked if i'm going to sing. i said no.. he might rise from his coffin. hehehe.

he did not only believe in my talents (talagang feel ko pagiging singer ha. hehehe), he also believed in my capabilities. he would sometimes call me to take down the minutes of the meeting even if it does not involve me because he knows that i can listen and still take down notes, or is it because my crush was there that's why he called me. hahaha. that's him! sometimes, you don't know if he's serious. coz when you start to believe him, you'll then realize that there's a punchline in the end.

a very smart boss. even if you can see that he doesn't feel good anymore and really sickly, he still has a great mind. he still can think of a solution to the company's problems. yup, he cares that much for our company.

the day he passed away (july 6, 2007), my ym status message was i will miss you boss. someone teased me of being a hypocrite and thought my boss was just transferring to another country. but the truth is, i will really miss him. and i believe it's not only me who will miss him. but everyone in our department. he really had been a father to us young ones and a friend to the older ones. until now, we would talk to him. and just recently, when my top is new, my officemates telling me that if boss poly was still alive, he would probably be teasing me. i'm sure he would.

i thought my first friendster blog (i'm cross-posting this to my blog), would be a goodbye blog/note to my officemates if i'm going to transfer companies. but it's a goodbye for boss poly pala. inunahan ako ni boss. hehehe.

i know my description is not enough. well, he's the man who always want reports to be simple and concise. and i know i have not known him that much especially only with three years. but still, i am thankful to God. coz he really had been a blessing. the kind of boss that i really prayed for.

thank you so much boss poly for being not only a great boss but also for being a father to me. and belated happy birthday! i miss you boss.

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for the pictures of his wake and funeral, you can see it here.
and watch our little tribute, here.


Toe said...

Tin-Tin, this is a wonderful (and very funny) tribute to Boss Poly! That's what makes a leader great... he encourages us and makes us do better.

Grabe, nakabola ka sa chuva-chuva at pagkanta ha. ;)

Richard said...

I am glad you had a good boss who believed in you rather than your piece of paper. It is rare. All too often jobs go to those who give all the right textbook answers, instead of those who are willing to stand up for themselves.

Sounds like he was a good guy who let you grow and develop yourself (except your singing).

A nice tribute.

Wil said...

awww.... how sad naman. He sounds like a great guy. He looks like he was only around 50 or so.

rHo said...

condolence sa iyong boss! may he rest in peace.... God bless!

kyels said...

I'm so sorry to hear 'bout the passing of your boss.

Yes, of course you will miss him. He was a great man.


CM said...

Wow, he's not only a boss to you, but a father and a friend. Mamimiss mo nga talga sya.

Rey said...

A tribute only a Tin-tin can do. I don't know if I'd be sad or just laugh.

chase said...

What a wonderful entry and tribute to your boss. It is always nice working for someone like your boss.

Talamasca said...

the day he passed away (july 6, 2007)...

...and belated happy birthday!

WTF LOL the thought of those words placed on a whole tribute makes me feel funny inside. I mean, he's dead, right? Do the departed have, like, happy b-days and stuff? If I were your boss, I'd rise up from the dead and take you with me! LOL! ;-p

Anyhoo, may your boss find eternal rest. :-)

tani said...

hope your boss poly reads this.

RennyBA said...

You know I've always believed in you - good to know the world around you finally give you the credit you deserves too:-)

tutubi said...

yan ang good boss, miss mo pag wala. unlike the other one, natutuwa ka pag wala :)

my condolences

The Artist said...

Sorry to hear you lost such a special person, but what gifts he left behind.