Saturday, July 28, 2007

9 Things About Me

3x3 is 9. so 9 things about me. hehehe

i've been tagged by thinz. in times like this that i hate the who viewed this post of multiply. hehehe. but it's okay coz i have nothing to post.

3 Things Most People DO NOT KNOW about You.

- my weight
- my waistline
- my landline number -> i don't give my home number coz i'm usually not at home. and my also not my office number coz i'm at the office to work

3 Things Most People THINK THEY KNOW about You.

- my lovelife -> it's like i always hear that i'm dating so and so. popular! hahaha
- my feelings at the moment -> it's like i've proven to myself that i can be an actress. hala! wearing a mask! hehehe
- ummm... they think they know me too well? i can't think of anything else to write. hehehe ;p

3 Things Most People ASK YOU about Yourself.

- may boyfriend ka na? (do you have a boyfriend already?)
- bakit wala ka pang boyfriend? (why don't you still have a boyfriend?) -> i'm not sure ha. but maybe if i know why, then maybe i have a boyfriend already
- when are you getting married? -> don't worry. when i get to have a boyfriend, we'll go straight to the church. hehehe


Abaniko said...

Parang showbiz ah. Hehe.

kyels said...


Ever thought of entering the showbiz and become a famous actress naman?


Richard said...

Haha, made me smile. You are very mischevious and light hearted.

carey said...

weight and waistline? hehehe...talagang conscious ka sa figure mo ha. ;)

tutubi said...

showbiz questions nga :)

zingtrial said...

tin-tin He!He!He! My friend how are you doing.don't you talk about waistline mine has gone a bit Hmmmmmmm not telling :) .Hope you are keeping well.Showbiz yes!maybe a cool thing to do my friend.anyway wish you all the best :)you made my day He!He!He!
All the best

Wil said...

>>>not my office number coz i'm at the office to work

Good thing you're disciplined enough not to goof around at work. Not everyone has your discipline. hehe

I also get the "when are you getting married" question countless times. It only gets tiring after the first several hundred times. ;)

bananas said...

ayan...naka-post na ang photo ni Ninotchka sa blog

David Gonen said...

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Rodrigo said...

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Toe said...

Hahaha... this is funny... people don't know your waistline. Thank goodness, people don't know my waistline either. :)

CM said...

ahaha! ang kulet ng mga sagot mo ate. lalo na yung sa last. straight to the church ha? silly. :) So one of the biggest secrets ang waistline ah. katuwa! haha!

iskoo said...

pwede ka ba maka-phone pal?

duke said...

So.. may boyfriend ka na? lol

love you, tin!

bijou-wel said...

our time will come! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hope no one asked you for your waistline coz that would be invading your privacy hehe :) It would be mortal sin if a guy asks :)