Saturday, August 04, 2007

Extra Income

coz of my new look, i need to buy new clothes.. visit the parlor and just spend. hahaha. but with my depleting salary, i need to have an extra income. good thing there is blogging, where you can express yourself and also earn extra income when needed. like smorty, where you will get paid for blogging. isn't that cool? and another great thing about it is that it is easy to join. and so far i am earning. it is easy as counting from one to three. and while writing, i also get to update my blog and my readers with what's happening. if not for this post, you would not know that i have a new image. i have a new haircut, and when i had this haircut, i said i will also have a new look in life. meaning i will be positive on things that come my way coz i have a pretty hair, so i should not ruin my day. hehehe. See! I have updated you with my life and at the same time got paid for my blog.

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