Thursday, September 09, 2010

All By Myself

... travelling. that's what i'd like to experience even just once.

i envy some friends who went out of town by themselves. i have plans of that kind for the longest time but it still has not happened due to different factors. and honestly i don't know how i'll do it.

yes, i've travelled to singapore all by myself but i won't consider it as being all by myself. why? i stayed with my friend (thank ljieu!) and i have lunch and dinner dates with different friends everyday (am really happy to see my friends. and thank you). trust me when i say that my singapore trip is just like a trip to makati. when asked what i did in singapore, well, it is to see my friends and visit them. literally. that's why i'm also glad that i made that trip alone. coz my schedule was already jampacked just meeting my friends. but it was fun. and meeting my friends made me travel from one end of singapore to another. thank you friends.

okay, back to the main topic. still, i want to explore a place on my own. i guess, next time i would travel alone i would not choose singapore. but that's the only place my mom would allow me to (if on my own). i think she'll approve of me visiting alone singapore than baguio or davao, etc. sigh...


Mayet said...

Same here! Plan ko na rin yan for 49 years na ata. Hehe. Hay, sana lang mangyari.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Well, being a single lady, it is quite hazardous on your part to travel alone, whether in the country or somewhere else. I know that you are an adventurous person but there's a limit to what an adventurous lady can do all by herself. It is best that you travel with a trusted companion, then you can seek adventure to your heart's content. Hearken to the warning about fools rush in where angels feared to tread. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

tin-tin said...

mayet: go! do it! :)
mel: thanks. actually, that's one reason why i have not done it. coz i'm kinda scared. hehe. but don't worry, if i'll travel alone, it will not be in a dangerous place :)

bw said...

take a friend along - it would be more fun :)